An attempt by Brookfield’s PEP Party to engage the rival VIP Party in a public debate of issues looks to have fallen on deaf ears.

Last week PEP Party President David LeClere delivered a letter personally to VIP President Thomas Nowicki inviting “our opponents to join with us to publicly debate the issues, side by side. The forum would be open to the public and, hopefully, televised on the local cable station.”

Village elections for village president, clerk and three trustee seats are slated for April 5. LeClere said that he hoped the debate could take place some time in early March.

“We ask the VIP Party to consider this an official, public challenge to debate … the issues that affect our community’s well being,” LeClere wrote in his invitation to Nowicki.

Reached Monday afternoon, Nowicki said he hadn’t considered the invitation, but confirmed receiving it over the weekend.

“Right now, they have no ideas for goals for the next four years,” Nowicki said. “They have no ideas to debate, only criticism. This is not something we want to fall into.”

LeClere responded that a debate is still something PEP would like to have happen, perhaps at Riverside-Brookfield High School and moderated by an RB organization.

“Let’s have the residents come and ask questions and get the answers straightforward,” LeClere said. “We’re serious about doing it. It’d be something good.”

?”Bob Uphues