Judith B. Petrucci

Age: 63

Profession: Attorney

Education: Morton High School; Lewis University (BA); Northern Illinois University (law degree).

Political/community experience: Former president, Village of Lyons (1989-93); former trustee, Village of Lyons (1987-89, 1997-99); former Girl Scout leader; former Little League manager; former chair, Lyons Fourth of July Committee; former Lyons liquor commission; former Lyons finance chair; former chair, Lyons Water Department; former chair, Lyons Crusade of Mercy.

Top three issues: Work together with administration, faculty and parents to raise standardized test scores in the district; address the issue of district facilities and the impact of future population growth in the district; take politics out of the school board.

Candidates Stephen Mazur and Michele Visk did not respond to a request for information for the Election Guide.