Despite wanting to keep things quiet, makers of a new film starring Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves and Christopher Plummer haven’t been too successful keeping it a secret that Hollywood is coming to Riverside.

In fact, today was scheduled to be the first of several days of filming in the village, although the schedule has been juggled several times already.

Shooting today was to occur in the area around the swinging bridge and at the former Henninger Pharmacy, which has been turned into an law office for the movie.

Nick Mlade, who owns the old Henninger property at the corner of Longcommon Road and East Burlington Street, said that he had been working with a man named Patrick Muldoon to lease the space. Mlade was reluctant to disclose any details about the filming and Muldoon did not return calls seeking information.

At the March 21 meeting of the village board, Trustee Kevin Smith announced that film crews would be shooting on the following dates: March 30, April 23, April 25, April 26, April 27 and May 1 at various locations.

The movie, called “Il Mare” (Italian for “The Sea”), is a remake of a Korean film originally called “Siworae” or “Si Wall Ae” (depending on the source), which evidently translates to “Love Across Time.”

According to published reports about the movie, the story involves two people who inhabit the same residence at different times and fall in love via some sort of magical mailbox that can bend time.

The title “Il Mare” comes into play, apparently, from the fact that the Korean story takes place near the sea. The movie, billed as “romantic drama,” is likely not a remake of an 1962 Italian film called “Il Mare,” which is, according to, “a haunting meditation on loneliness” featuring the travails of an actor who visits an island and meets “a brooding alcoholic teen and a woman trying to sell her house.”

Heck, maybe it’s both.

According to Smith, there will some traffic disruption due to the filming and film crew personnel, and Riverside police have been hired by the film company to help with crowd and traffic control during the film shoots.

“Bob Uphues