Non-union employees working for the Village of Riverside will receive raises of up to 4.5 percent, retroactive to Jan. 1, after the village trustees unanimously approved a 2005 salary grade plan at their regular business meeting on March 21.

According to the resolution, the salary plan mirrors the date of the contract the village has with its union employees, but non-union employees will receive raises, ranging from 0 to 4.5 percent, based on merit. The average merit raised for 2005 is 3.5 percent, according to the resolution.

Under the new salary structure, the village manager (which has the highest village pay grade at 25) will be paid a minimum of $91,936 and a maximum of $111,529 during 2005. The next highest salary grades are the police and fire chiefs, who will earn between anywhere between $83,387 and $101,150 this year.

The other top staff positions in terms of pay include the director of public works ($79,414 to $96,345), finance director ($75,628 to $91,790), assistant police chief ($72,009 to $87,339), police commander ($68,619 to $83,241), chief building inspector ($65,374 to $79,310) and recreation director ($56,430 to $68,473).

The village also created a new position in 2005 called assistant to the director of public works, which incorporates duties from a position previously known as the public works operations supervisor. The new assistant position will pay between $40,164 and $48,734 in 2005.

?”Bob Uphues