Riverside board should abide by code for Henninger
The Board of Directors of the Frederick Law Olmsted Society strongly recommends that the Riverside village board and president abide by the provisions of the B-2 zoning code for the Central Business District as adopted in 2003.

Any redevelopment of the Henninger property should be in accord with this new code. It is abundantly clear that the current plan submitted for the property does not meet the criteria established for granting variances to the code and that the variances should be denied.

We do accept redevelopment of the property within the parameters of the B-2 zoning code and encourage the village board to act accordingly.

Constance Guardi

? Constance Guardi is the president of the Frederick Law Olmsted Society.

Thanks to Brookfield for election support
I would like to thank everyone for your vote of confidence in electing me to be one of your village trustees. The large turnout of voters in this election showed me that you believe we can do the job you are looking for. I look forward to doing the work that it will take to keep the good things the Village of Brookfield already has and work toward bringing all of us even more.

Now that the election is over, the hard work that you have elected us to do shall begin. I will work honestly and with integrity in everything that I do for our community. I look forward to serving all Brookfield residents.

Cathy Colgrass Edwards

Thanks to all who cast votes on April 5
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the residents of Brookfield who participated in village elections of April 5. First of all, I thank those residents who did honor me by giving me their vote. I will work very hard to reward the faith you have had in my PEP Party running mates and me. We understand the awesome responsibility we have. With your continued support, input and help we will be able to deliver what we promised.

For those voters who chose to cast their votes for my opponent, I sincerely thank you also. By coming out to vote, you showed you care about the future of this village as I do. For that, I applaud you.

Also, by voicing your concerns about the ideas and goals presented by the PEP Party, you will make us better elected officials. We realize we have to do what is best for the village, not just our supporters. You helped us see that there are other view points and that too will help us serve better.

I look forward to working with the entire board to improve Brookfield. Please give us a chance and judge us in the future based on our performance as elected officials.

Finally, I would like to thank the group of people who helped get me elected. The names and their contributions are too many to mention, but they know who they are. Whether they walked a precinct every weekend for us or simply offered a kind word of support in the street, I thank them. I am very honored to have benefited from the efforts of so many good people.

However, there are two specific acknowledgements I would like to publicly make. First of all, to my mom and dad, I offer my true gratitude. These wonderful people raised my brothers and me to work hard for what we believed in, to offer our abilities, talents and energy to causes where we can make a difference and to always stand by the rest of the family. My family truly stood by me, and I am forever grateful.

Finally, to my wonderful wife, Barb, and my boys, Jake and Luke, I offer my greatest thank you. Without their love and support I could do nothing. Their patience and sharing during this campaign got me through. I feel the need to reward everybody who helped the only way I know how: I will do my best to be a good village president.

Michael J. Garvey


Brookfield Library honors volunteers
The Brookfield Public Library benefits year after year from the generosity of the community’s volunteers. A warm thank you goes to Evelyn Schmidt, Art Hergenrother, June Novy, and Charlotte Wolf for contributing their time and talent to the library.

Interested in becoming a Brookfield Library Volunteer? The library need volunteers who will share their love of books, language and culture, who enjoy working with the public, and who want to work with the staff to assist patrons in using the Library’s many resources. Join us and make a difference. Contact Library Director Kimberly Litland at 485-6917 for more details.

Kimberly Litland
Brookfield Library director