No I did not get to see “the movie star” when he was in town, which makes me one of the few people in town who didn’t see Keanu Reeves. I did attempt to try to find if there was someone I could interview, but my efforts were half-hearted so I didn’t talk to anyone.

I thought about talking to the crew that made the snow?”after all they came all the way from Lake Geneva?”but how boring would that have been and what questions could I have asked? “So, how do you like making snow?”

It was probably a good idea I didn’t interview them. However, when the crew and stars reappear in Riverside, I intend to be a bit more enterprising in my quest for a story. See, my friend Sue Skryd from North Riverside who does “extra” work has already shot a scene for the movie downtown, and is most likely going to be in some of the local shots. So how good is that?

Then I know someone whose backyard connects to the backyard of the house where some scenes will be shot. Am I becoming more enterprising or what?

I somehow feel Sandra Bullock will be a little bit more into seeing some of Riverside; I’ve heard she is very friendly. That bit of info comes from someone who knew someone who’s house was used for a movie, and Ms. Bullock offered to watch the owner’s baby as she went on an errand.

Now there is some news you won’t read elsewhere! Want to do lunch, Sandra? Someone get this column to her agent so she knows about my offer of lunch. If all else fails, I can talk to Sue Skryd and get the story about the movie and maybe something of interest to us all, I don’t want to disappoint any of you.

Adding to my “how come you didn’t get a story” was a call from California and gossip friend Janet Charlton who couldn’t believe I hadn’t got a story. Well, didn’t that make me feel good! A former Riversider, Charlton was amazed to think of her hometown as the site for a movie. I informed her our fair village has been immortalized more than once in commercials and films.

There was a PBS movie with Sean Young a few years back with scenes shot on Scottswood Road at the DiNatale home. For that I sat in the park across the street and watched what was happening. Many residents were extras in the movie. Once again I wasn’t discovered, but it was nice sitting in the park watching others work.

At the time I wasn’t looking for a story it was pre-Landmark time, which is another reason when a movie with Helen Hunt was being made in Riverside I didn’t go out of my way. I watched the movie, can’t remember the name, every time it came on TV just to spot the locals and the locales in the movie.

They even used a resident’s automobile. Everything and everyone wants to get in the act. Years ago they filmed a commercial down our street which wasn’t aired in the Chicago area and they had hoses to make it appear as if it was raining. And to think some of us thought filmmakers just wait for the weather to accommodate.

All in all it is interesting to watch. Residents Longcommon Road and Burlington Street hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone. As far as Keanu Reeves came and went in Riverside, I heard he was “really cute” and I’ll trust my sources. To those who said, “Who is Keanu Reeves?” I say, you’ll find out when the movie comes out.

Maybe I’ll be discovered yet, but I won’t give up this job.