Brookfield Village President Michael Garvey solidified his majority on the village board Monday night, appointing C.P. Hall as village trustee. Hall fills the vacancy left by Garvey’s election to president in April. His term will end in 2007.

Hall is a familiar figure in Brookfield politics. A longtime member of the PEP Party, Hall first ran for village trustee in 1989. Although he lost that election, he was elected to the board as a trustee in 1991 and served two terms.

“I had a number of candidates, and each of them brought something to the table,” said Garvey, whose PEP slate swept the rival VIP Party on April 5. “But based on his village government experience, integrity and ethics, he’s the one who brought the most to the table.”

The board voted 4-1 to approve Garvey’s recommendation. The lone dissenter was Linda Stevanovich, one of two VIP trustees remaining on the board.

“I respect C.P. Hall, and I’ll work really well with him, but it’s bringing back the old guard,” said Stevanovich. “We need new voices on the board.”

The other VIP trustee on the board, Alan Dorobiala, voted to approve the appointment, saying that he wanted to keep his promise to work with the new administration.

“I just want to see this village go forward,” Dorobiala said.

Trustees Catherine Colgrass Edwards, Kit Ketchmark and Michael Towner, all PEP Party members, voted in favor of the appointment.

Hall said he was not surprised by Stevanovich’s “no” vote, adding that her vote “was absolutely consistent on her part. She’s said for years that she wants new faces on the board. But I think we’ll work together fine.”

Hall also indicated that when the unexpired term is up in 2007, he may run for election once again.

“I’d consider running in two years,” Hall said.

During his tenure on the board, Hall was the finance committee chairman and the board’s liaison to the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce from 1993-97. While he won’t chair the finance committee in the present administration, Hall will reprise his role as the chamber liaison for the board.

Hall was also a founding member of the Brookfield Economic Revitalization Corporation, serving as BERC’s board chairman and corporate secretary.

“I’m still interested in the finance side of things, but also in zoning which I consider very important,” Hall said. “And I’ve always been interested in improving the business climate in Brookfield.”

After a two-year absence from the board, Hall ran again for village trustee in 2001, but lost?”as did all of PEP’s village board candidates that year?”during a remarkable sweep that brought Bill Russ’ VIP Party to power and relegated PEP to a very small role in the administration of village government.

Hall continued to be active in local politics since 2001, serving the PEP Party as its treasurer in recent years.