On April 5, PEP Party members and well-wishers grabbed brooms and waved them vigorously to signify their party’s sweep on Election Day. But while PEP indeed had swept all of the seats up for election on the village board, the party actually fell short of a complete sweep. One of the PEP-endorsed library board candidates, Jonathan Platt, missed being elected by a scant 32 votes.

“I felt a little bit like a basketball player who had an off game, but his team still won,” Platt said.

But now Platt’s off the bench and on the playing court.

Sandra Pitzer, elected to the library board in 2003, resigned her office when she decided to move out of Brookfield. And on May 25, the library board unanimously voted to name Platt as her replacement. His term will expire in 2007.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Platt said.

Platt, who has been involved with the Brookfield Library for many years as a member of the Friends of the Library, wants to maintain a strong tie with that group as a way to assist the library in its future fundraising efforts.

“Our long-range goal is to branch out in our fundraising activity,” Platt said.

In addition, Platt was named to the board’s Zoo Committee. The Brookfield Zoo, he said is a resource whose potential has yet to be tapped.

“The zoo has expressed an interest in developing a relationship with Brookfield,” Platt said. “There’s a lot of potential there in sharing resources and volunteers.”

Platt and Judith Sweet, the VIP-endorsed candidate who edged him out in the April election, are both newcomers to the Brookfield Library board. The other winners April 5 were Margaret Blasage, who begins her second term, and Carol Kissane, who is embarking on her 25th year as a library trustee.
?”Bob Uphues