Anthony M. Heavrin, 32, of LaGrange was arrested for aggravated drunk driving and two other felonies on June 26 after leading police on a chase through three suburbs and into the West Side of Chicago.

Heavrin was first spotted at 2:30 a.m. by Riverside police when he was driving his Dodge pick-up truck southbound on Harlem Avenue. According to the police, he veered across all four lanes of traffic, until he was driving head-on toward a Riverside police car, which was traveling northbound. The officer eventually pulled him over near Ogden Avenue and discovered he was driving without a license. Before they could arrest Heavrin, however, he ran to his vehicle and drove away.

Police from several departments followed him through Stickney, Berwyn, Cicero and Chicago. Heavrin reportedly pulled into an empty parking lot at Roosevelt and Pulaski roads in Chicago and attempted to flee on foot. At that point officers were able to stun him with a Taser, tackle him and take him into custody.

At the time of the arrest, Heavrin was bleeding and his wrist was broken, injuries which he reportedly said he sustained during a bar fight in Cicero. Police took him to MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn for his injuries, and later back to the Riverside police station, where he was charged with three felony counts: aggravated driving while under the influence, aggravated driving while license revoked and fleeing and eluding the police.

Disorderly Conduct

? Thomas Kummer of Berwyn was arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct by Brookfield police on June 27. According to police, Kummer admitted to masturbating in the alley behind the 3200 block of Park Avenue, Brookfield, while watching a young woman sunbathing in her backyard.

The woman had complained of a man fitting Kummer’s description watching her from the alley last summer, but he had never been caught. In the most recent incident, on June 19, the woman’s mother had also been in the backyard while she was sunbathing. The mother allegedly spotted Kummer standing next to their garage, yelled for her daughter and started chasing him down the alley.

He drove away in a car parked at the corner of Garfield and Oak avenues, but police were able to trace the car after a neighbor recorded the license plate number. The car belonged to a rental car business, and reportedly had been rented to Kummer. His picture was later picked out of photo line-ups by both the young woman and a neighbor who had been in the alley at the time of incident on June 19.

When police took Kummer into custody and presented him with their evidence, he reportedly confessed to both the June 19 incident and the one from last year.


? Sometime during the day of June 17, someone entered an unlocked 2002 Chrysler minivan parked in the 3900 block of Forest Avenue, Brookfield, and removed a red duffel bag containing $36 in cash, a brown Coach purse valued at $300, a silver bracelet valued at $85, a silver necklace valued at $30, various identification cards, house and car keys and $200 in clothing.

? At approximately 4 p.m. on June 24, an unknown person stole a Verizon Model LG-3200 cell phone from a car parked in the 9100 block of Broadway Avenue, Brookfield. The victim stated he had parked the car to go into a store, leaving the windows of his 1997 Honda sedan halfway open and his cell phone on the front seat. When he returned minutes later, the phone, valued at $125 was gone.


? Brookfield police charged Michael J. Criscione, 28, of Brookfield with battery after he allegedly shoved and punched a 24-year-old Brookfield man after being told to leave a local bar just after 3:30 a.m. on June 25.

According to the police report, Criscione was asked to leave Johnny B’s, 8436 Brookfield Ave., after he reportedly began “knocking into people” in the bar. A 24-year-old man asked Criscione to leave, whereupon Criscione allegedly shoved him and punched him in the face with both fists, breaking the victim’s glasses.

Criscione was eventually locked outside the bar, but allegedly then punched the glass front door, breaking the glass and cutting his hand in the process. He then allegedly kicked and dented the passenger side door of a car parked outside before fleeing the scene.

Police located Criscione in the 3600 block of Rosemear Avenue, and charged him with one count of battery and three counts of criminal damage to property.


? Someone stole a blue and yellow boys Road Master bicycle from a backyard in the 4200 block of DuBois Boulevard, Brookfield, between June 17 and June 19. The bike was valued at approximately $80.

? Someone stole a black and gray double stroller valued at $150 from the front yard of a house in the 3500 block of Forest Avenue, Brookfield, in the overnight hours of June 22-23.

? On June 20, an unknown person stole about $400 in coins from a coin-operated machine at Eric’s Car Wash, 8837 Ogden Ave., Brookfield.

?Someone stole a sprinkler head valued at $50 from the front yard of a house in the 9400 block of Monroe Avenue, Brookfield, sometime between June 24 and June 25.

The above information was obtained from police reports filed by the North Riverside, Riverside and Brookfield police departments from June 17 through June 27 and represents a portion of the incidents to which police responded. Unless otherwise indicated, anyone named in these reports has only been charged with a crime. The cases have not yet been adjudicated.

?”by Jessica Glowinski and Bob Uphues