Dear Readers, here it is?”my annual postcard from vacation, which actually isn’t a postcard at all and is not being written from this year’s vacation spot since I don’t have a laptop and didn’t want to search one out. I write this from the comfort of our home.

Our trek this summer took us to the Wisconsin Dells, a place we had not been to in summer for many years, not since our children were young. We decided to earn grandparent points and take the grandchildren, Stephanie, Elena and Max. Our youngest grandchild is 3 months old, so Parker will have to wait until he is old enough?”walking, out of diapers and able to carry his own suitcase.

Now I can tell you there have been many changes in the Dells since Bennett took his famous photo of the man jumping from one rock to the other and Tommy Bartlett began his spectacular water show, which is still a mainstay of Dells entertainment.

Many of the original attractions are still available?”who could forget Storybook
Garden or Deer Park (I won’t forget; the deer kept nibbling my clothes). The duck rides are still loading up vacationers as they travel down paths and splash into Lake Delton, all the while being told the history of the Dells.

As if the ducks and other cruises are not enough, now there is Wild Thing, a 1,200-horsepower boat that speeds around the lake, gets everyone wet and provides thrills. Yours truly took a pass and let Poppy and the kids go for this one. Why should I go on a boat and get wet when I can shop. One can still go go-karting or play miniature golf but they are much improved. Town still has many of the same stores as before with many new shops added.

Meals are no problem with all. You can eat at buffets everywhere with prices based on children’s ages. If you have coupons you can do even better price-wise. A must is Paul Bunyan’s breakfast with the best homemade donuts. Toss the diet aside and don’t forget to try it for dinner.

Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Co. was on the kids’ list of places to eat, and a good choice it was. The Embers was where we went for our “dress-up” dinner. The longtime restaurant in Lake Delton has lost none of the atmosphere and choice menu items which has made it a fine establishment for many years. Unfortunately we did not have a hamburger at Monk’s Bar or a “Swig at Nigs”?”you know, the kids were with us.

Where years ago the lodgings in the Dells included only a pool, the area is now water park world with every motel or resort having enough water to keep one water-logged for days. Our choice was the Polynesian Resort. We could never have left the place and still had plenty to do?”food, pools (inside and outside), arcade, water parks (inside and outside)?”it was all there.

Husband Joe passed on some of the bigger water slides and found floating in an inner tube down the Lazy Lagoon enough excitement for him. I found that an umbrella near the pool with a good book and a tropical drink was sufficient.

So the grandkids went home after four days, giving us some time?”which meant a trip to the Ho-Chunk Casino. If hoping to pay for our vacation was a thought, it was soon tossed out, especially when one starts out playing the nickel slot machines and works her way down to the two-cent machines. Yes I said two cents! Let me tell you can lose just as easily on two-cent machines, it just takes longer.

A leisurely drive home with a stop at Lake Geneva for a late lunch brought us closer to home and reality, but we also brought back pictures and memories.

As post cards say, “Having a great time-wish you were here.” We did!

Sincerely, JoAnne