It is said the pen is mightier than the sword, so one can only imagine how mighty the computer is. But I write not about how mighty the pen can be, but about the pens themselves. Now, I know somewhere along the line in my columns I have touched on this subject, but I am revisiting the subject of pens so you can see for yourself if you are what I term a “pen person.”

The term “pen person” came to me when Kay Snyder of Arcade Antiques handed me a pen imprinted with “This pen once belonged to …” along with the store name and info. I put it in my purse and said, “Thanks, I’m such a pen person.”

And right then it hit me that I, along with many others, like pens?”and not just for their usefulness as writing instruments. I told Snyder I still have the last pen she gave me?”a patriotic stick pen with a cap and store info. The new pen is a click pen.

When the new pen found its way to the bottom of my purse it was not the only pen I had with me. The pen joined a black stick pen from The Drake Hotel?”actually I have two?”from my wedding anniversary weekend in April. Next to it was a pen from the Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, Wis. I have two of them also. They were free, but if I tally up what I lost on the nickel and 2-cent slot machines, I had paid for them a few times over.

My purse always carries pens advertising Volvo of Lisle (where Husband Joe works?”they are the ones I give away when someone asks if I have a pen). Buried in the bottom of my purse was a plain black stick pen of such little significance that I will be able to give it away without any sentiment.

The last pen is in my purse is from the Village of North Riverside, although I do have one from the Village of Riverside near the phone in the kitchen. When I can get a pen from Brookfield, I will have a complete set.

I will admit to having a few pens that could be considered “expensive,” but seldom carry them with me so I won’t lose them. They have been relegated to the desk near the computer and are used occasionally.

Ask me my preference, and I will say I like black ink and a fine point because I believe I write better with a fine line. Husband Joe says I don’t write, I draw. Yeah, but you can read what I write! The good sisters would be proud of me after all those years of Palmer penmanship.

More musings on the pen: Do you have a pen near the phone or do you say, “Hold on while I get a pen”?

If you do have a number of pens on hand, why is the one you grab the one that has dried out?

Do you balance your check book with a pen? If you do, you are a confident person.

And how about a red pen? They are quite useful, and not just for teachers.

And do you feel if you are in a meeting you should be using a pen that not only looks like a quality pen but really is? I used to, but now I just use whatever is in my purse and I can dig it out in a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t forget: The Kiwanis Peanut sale is coming up, so have your change ready. Remember, it benefits children and goes for scholarships. If all goes well, yours truly will be on the corner of Longcommon and Selborne, so come on by. We’ll announce the exact date in an upcoming issue.