Have you ever attended your high school reunion? If you haven’t, you should.

This is the time of year for reunions to happen, usually coinciding with homecoming at the high schools. But since most homecoming games are being played at night, many reunion committees are opting to hold their events at times other than homecoming weekend.

So first you have your 10-year reunion arranged by a group of classmates who may or may not have been class leaders but are willing to do the job. My take on the 10-year reunion is most alumni would like their classmates to know they have done well since leaving the hallowed halls. Due to age most, if not all, have not achieved the status of CEO of a Fortune 500 company, unless of course a family member owns said company.

Everybody still looks good at the 10-year and has concentrated on appearance for six months prior to the event so people will note how good they look.

It is still a good idea to have name tags just in case, no matter how little you have changed, just in case someone fails to recognize their biology lab partner of 10 years past.

Do not be upset if someone does not remember you. It has nothing to do with you, they are just starting to experience memory lapses. That is why you wear name tags and people will look you in the eye before quickly scanning down to your name tag. It also is a good idea to glance at the yearbook prior to the event?”that is if you can still find it.

The subsequent reunions, whether they are 20th or 25th will be somewhat relaxed. Classmates are more secure in their positions and do not feel the need to impress. This is not the time to ask about one’s spouse unless you are sure of their marital status. Just say, “So how’s the family?” That should give you the answer and possibly more information than you wanted or needed to know.

The reunion get-togethers after 35 years can be the most fun. Everybody still likes to have a good time?”only it is a little more in moderation. They can still dance as if they were 16 just not as much. And the next morning they can be guaranteed some stiffness. It is funny to note, though, while you’re dancing you can remember the words to all the songs of your era. Those tunes stay with you.

Speaking of the dancing, there is always the couple who danced so well as a couple in high school and they take a spin on the dance floor together as if was just yesterday. A trip back to happy days.

But you will notice at this time that age has begun to creep up on your classmates?”not you, of course. And you can’t possibly look as old as some of your classmates, but it doesn’t hurt to get a bottle of anti-aging cream and slather it on your face and neck.

So if you have never attended your reunion, you’re missing a lot. It is not only a nostalgia trip, it is a chance to rekindle old friendships and cultivate new ones. If you get a notice for a reunion don’t stop to think about just go and have a good time.