North Riverside police continue to investigate a scam that enticed a 65-year-old Berwyn woman to withdraw some $10,000 from a North Riverside bank in the hopes of claiming a share of someone else’s lottery winnings.

According to the report, the victim was shopping at the Wal-Mart, 1300 S. Desplaines Ave. in Forest Park, when she was approached by a woman who asked directions to a house. As the victim said she didn’t know, a man appeared, saying he could help.

However, neither the man nor the woman had a car, and the man asked the victim if she could drive while he showed the way. The victim agreed and all three got into the victim’s car. While driving, the man said he had a lottery ticket and needed to check on the numbers. After reading the numbers out loud on a cell phone, the man claimed to have won a large sum of money.

He then told the victim that he wanted to repay her for her kind help, and handed the cell phone to the victim. The victim talked to an identified person who said that if she brought advance cash to “city hall” along with her ID, the lottery ticket could be processed.

After ending the call, the man asked the victim if she had $10,000. She said no, but added she had $3,000 in her checking account. The man convinced the victim to obtain a cash advance on her credit card, saying she should explain to the teller the money was for a gift for her daughter.

The victim drove to the Bank One branch at 1730 S. Harlem Ave. in North Riverside, got a $7,000 cash advance and withdrew $3,000 from her checking account. She then gave it to the man, who appeared to put the money in an envelope. The man then handed an envelope back to the victim.

The woman then said she wanted to pick up some items at Walgreens at Harlem Avenue and Cermak Road in Berwyn. The victim was told to wait in the car with the envelope so that the money would be safe.

After waiting in the car for 45 minutes without anyone returning, the victim became suspicious and called Berwyn police. The envelope in her possession contained no money.

?”Bob Uphues