Seems like everyone is getting their own talk show lately, including yours truly who just taped her first program for RBTV. When I tossed out the idea about a talk show to Gary Prokes of the Riverside-Brookfield High School Media Department it was casual, but it wasn’t long before I received a call from a student at the school, Glen Husa, who was going to produce the show as part of an assignment.

Meeting together with his teacher Patty Sarkady I brought forth the idea of “Koffee with Kosey.” Glen wanted coffee spelled with a “K.” I’m OK with that. The format I suggested was a show that played out as if I was having someone in for coffee and conversation in a casual setting.

Luckily, we use the school studio, so I am spared the worry of how my kitchen looks. Glen, with the guidance of Mrs. Sarkady, built a set to resemble a breakfast room complete with pictures on the wall.

I was impressed. There was a cloth tablecloth on the table along with mugs and cups which not only matched, but were made out of china. We even had bakery to share and hot coffee in the mugs. It was the real deal.

I gave Glen a list of possible guests to interview, and it was his job to contact them and set the time and date for taping. Once Glen had secured our first guest, it was up to me to get some background to help with the interview.

With my first guest, it was no problem especially when the guest was Chuck Soumar, a member of the band The Ides of March. He was one of the original members of the group, which they formed as high school students at Morton West in 1964.

The conversation flowed quite easily, but I don’t want to tell you too much about it?”otherwise you won’t have to watch it. Suffice to say the Ides are very busy with appearances in the area and will be in Nevada next month. We also touched on another aspect of Chuck Soumar?”his upholstery business in Riverside. Watch the show and you’ll hear about it.

The interview took a turn when Chuck asked me about this column and where I get my ideas; nice to know he is a reader of this column.

I will admit doing the show is fun for me, but it is amazing to see the ability of the students and their professionalism?”whether they are preparing a show, putting time in the booth, directing or taking their places behind the camera.

The show, which is to be the first of four?”has not been scheduled for air yet, but as soon as Glen has it edited, it will be ready to air and you will be among the first to know. In the meantime, I am gathering an entourage, which so far is very small. But, after all, it’s a small budget show at this point. My “entourage” includes “my producer,” Glen; Bill Paganis (Basili’s), my hair stylist (doesn’t everyone have one?); and Husband Joe.

Do take the time to watch RBTV for some interesting programming. And don’t forget to have your change handy on Thursday and Friday for the Kiwanis Peanut sale, which raises funds for scholarships for local high school students. I will be “appearing” (or should I say “hawking”?) peanuts on the corner of Selborne and Longcommon roads. Stop by and say hi. It’s not easy working for peanuts you know.

Well in closing, here’s my sign-off: “This is JoAnne Kosey, I’ll see you in print and on RBTV.”