Members of the Brookfield-LaGrange Park District 95 Board of Education on Oct. 13 didn’t vote to set the date for a tax referendum. But they might as well have.

During a discussion of the district’s financial position, board Secretary Charles Snyder said that the board’s Finance Committee “leaned toward going in the spring. Whether [Riverside-Brookfield High School] goes out as well shouldn’t be a limiting factor. We need to fix this.”

Forecasts of the district’s future financial position show that, if revenues and spending continue to increase at current levels, the district’s general operating fund will be completely depleted by 2007-08. Over the past two years, the district has run large deficits in its education fund. In 2004-05, expenditures topped revenues by roughly $800,000; in 2005-06, the education fund is expected to take another $880,000 hit.

“Solving the education fund creates enormous opportunities for us to come up with a plan over a period of time so we can get what we need,” said board member Thomas Powers. “If we don’t [pass a referendum] in the next couple of cycles, we’ll be in dire straits.”

?”Bob Uphues