It’s surprising how things come to me to write about so I should not be amazed when I was folding a king size sheet to think about how much trouble it is to fold a king size sheet. Somehow or another I find it difficult to get it neatly folded, particularly the sheets with elastic on the corners, I don’t know about you but I find it somewhat frustrating. After struggling to get it neatly folded, which took me awhile seeing as my arms are just so long, or should I say short (something I inherited from my father) that there must be a better way. Probably the best way is to have someone else do it or someone to help you, which on occasion when husband Joe is available is a chore we share, another love connection.

Clean sheet night is something to celebrate because I enjoy clean, neat sheets which is why I enjoy going on vacation or mini-trips, someone else appears when we are out of the room and fixes the bed with nice tight corners. Husband Joe can make tight corners?”something he learned to do while in the service, I should really let him do it so he won’t lose his bed-making skill. So if I ever win the lottery?”which won’t happen unless I play the lottery and even then it isn’t a sure thing?”I will hire someone to do sheet changing. Understand if I win the lottery this would not be a priority because certain favored charities would come first, followed by family and redoing my kitchen which I would like to do in this lifetime.

OK, I feel better talking about that but there are a few other items I would like to vent upon, so here goes. What fun can it possibly be to take a pumpkin, whether it is carved or not, and smash it into the street? Could these possibly be the same people who leave beer cans on the parkways during the year? Why do I not like to see the orange fencing or metal fencing pop up around Riverside? How come our gas bill is estimated more than every other billing when our meter can be read from outside? Why do we have “stop” signs when drivers choose to ignore them or are they only posted for certain people? When are the stores really having their biggest sale of the season since it seems to be a recurring event? Why do people who attend church insist on sitting at the edge of the pew and not move over? Why do people abuse the use of handicap parking spaces? There, all that written I will go on with the rest of this column.

Veterans Day will again be remembered at Riverside-Brookfield High School. Veterans will speak on their experiences to social studies classes. The program was formulated by Bill Jirkovsky, recently retired social studies teacher at the school who is continuing the program. Persons interested in participating, or learning more about the Veterans Day commemoration can contact the school at 442-7500.

The answer to the question, “When is Koffee with Kosey” going to air on RBTV? It started to air this past weekend and will be aired on Wednesday, November 2 at 7:05, I know that is today but I think it will air other times also.

We, my producer Glen Husa and I, taped another show and the guest is photographer Michael Gustafson. The North Riverside resident has earned the title of “Air Michael” but you’ll have to watch the show to find out why. We even had coffee (yes coffee) and bakery courtesy of Grumpy’s.

See you in print in the Landmark and on RBTV!