Stop it with the attacks already
Here we go again, Bill Russ and friends whining about the PEP Party and more supposed fraud. How many different forms of fraud can there possibly be? Blah, Blah, Blah! It’s too much.

That’s all we’ve had to hear about for, oh, I don’t know, how many years now? I (and I believe I speak for many) am so tired of all the back-and-forth slander on either side. We’re simple working people; we can’t keep it all straight! Who did what when, how many times a week?

None of these people understand that if this was the first time a statement of fraud or any other type of wrongdoing was declared by either party, we the citizens of Brookfield would be listening with open ears and real concern.

Because it’s the billionth (seems like it, doesn’t it?) time, we flip the page and assume it’s only for your own agenda. What a shame because there could be a real issue, a real problem and, because of all this obnoxious behavior, we stopped listening, guys, a long time ago.

Please, quit sounding like a bunch of sore losers, put down your pencils, spend this “bash time” preparing your defense for the next election (in the privacy of someone’s living room, not the local papers). If the next election is not in your cards, find some other way to spend your time. It’s so very unprofessional and, more important, we can’t take another couple years of this!

Mike Garvey won the election, like it or not, let him do his job. So far, I’ve not one single complaint.

Yvonne Prause

Why was the speed sign on Garvey’s block?
After reading the letter from Jane Harps [“Village needs to monitor Eight Corners traffic,” Letters, Oct. 12], I can only agree wholeheartedly with her observations regarding the traffic at the Eight Corners. I have nearly been mowed over trying to cross the street with my kids while trying to get to the fountain. However, I have a separate issue regarding traffic.

I live right off of Maple Avenue. With the ongoing work being performed on Maple, sometimes the workers close certain portions of the street. In doing this, people get irritated, take the detour and fly down my street.

I took the time to call the police about this and even went so far as to ask about the speed monitor device that the village purchased. Could it be placed on our block? No, it couldn’t; it was in use.

Suffice to say, it was in use in front of [Village President] Mike Garvey’s house for nearly four days. Now, I’m sorry, but I don’t see his street as being that busy. Apparently, it is or it wouldn’t have needed new stop signs in addition to the speed device. I just don’t buy it (but apparently my taxes are paying for it).

My children, as well as my neighbors’, are just as important and should be safe as well. The device should be placed where it is needed. Obviously, if there is construction and routes are being detoured, creating some temporary unsafe conditions, putting the monitor there?”even for a few hours?”should cause people to be more aware and contentious.

Just because you sit on the village board shouldn’t mean you get better services in Brookfield. We all pay our taxes and should be treated just the same.

Lynn Bernson

? Editor’s note: According to Police Chief Thomas Schoenfeld, the area of 30th Street and Maple Avenue is a traffic problem, especially at the rush hours, since drivers use eastbound 30th Street from Maple to avoid the traffic back-up at the traffic signal at Maple and 31st.

This was especially a problem recently when the Maple Avenue railroad crossing was closed for the Maple Avenue road construction.

Throughout the period of construction, said Schoenfeld, the department rotated the placement of the speed sign throughout the prime traffic problem areas affected by the construction. The 9000 and 9100 blocks of 30th Street were two of the prime traffic problem areas, and Schoenfeld said police were concerned about the safety of children en route to St. Louise and Brook-Park schools, who utilize the school crossing guard at Maple and 30th Street.