Just love this time of year! Nothing like the fall colors. Mother Nature really took hold of her color palette and splashed the trees with some of the most gorgeous colors in a long time. I don’t know about you but it seems to me as if the hues were brighter and lasted longer this season. Nothing like the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, except when they make their way into the house and get crunched on the carpeting. Fall also means wearing warm sweaters and having apple cider or anything made from apples.

Memories of the season from other years also come to mind. While I know it is a good thing we no longer burn leaves, I still remember the fun it was to rake them into a huge pile and jump into them before burning the pile. It was a family time when we would find a long stick and roast marshmallows or put potatoes into the pile to cook. Then we would brush ourselves off and go into the house with the smell permeating our clothes, but it was a good smell. A cup of warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick floating in the mug added to the aromas of fall. Now husband Joe mulches the leaves, which is how I guess it should be, and it is good for the environment, but one can’t help miss what used to be.

Halloween is another reason I enjoy fall. This year we only had 54 trick-or-treaters, which was disappointing. Do I count the number of ghosts and ghoulies who ring our bell? No, I make up little bags of treats so I can know how many children come to our doors. The weather did not cooperate for the fun-seekers, so I have quite a few little bags left. If you’re in the neighborhood, ring our bell and say, “Belated trick or treat.”

Lots of good costumes on the kiddies. Some parents are so creative. In the Kosey house we always had the stand-by costumes in the event we were not among the clever and creative or had not planned ahead. It seems husband Joe had a couple of sport jackets from another era and in that era they were quite “in.” However their time had come and gone. One was a bright blue and white paisley print which, when it was unveiled as a possible costume, led daughter Tina to query, “Did Dad really wear that?”

Yes, our darling daughter, your father indeed wore it and handsome he was. As proof, I would pull out the picture with “Mr. GQ” and the sport jacket. And let’s not forget the sideburns he sported. The second jacket had muted red and blue wide stripes, which may have made someone wonder if he were the commodore of a ship. Captain Kosey possessed not even a dinghy unless he had a small boat to float in the tub. The two jackets, though out of style then and now, served as the basis for clown outfits, hoboes, and anything else that came to mind.

A few years ago husband Joe suggested we dispose of them. Naw, we have a whole new generation that may need a last-minute costume and be reminded of Poppy and his fashion flair.

It was no trick and certainly no treat when husband Joe entered MacNeal Hospital emergency on Halloween night. No, it wasn’t a case of too much candy. It was his appendix?”which was removed the following morning. A hospital gown is not the best costume and can be a bit drafty.

He is home and doing well. It must be the good home health care he is getting. I should get a nurse’s uniform! Thanks to all who expressed their concern and to doctors Tong, Kim, Miller, and Souman.

Somebody didn’t set the clocks, so if you were all set to watch “Koffee with Kosey” last week it was listed to be on at 7:05 but aired at 6:05. I don’t get it, but all I can say is watch RBTV and maybe you’ll catch it. As always, I’ll let you know when I know and hopefully it will be the right info.