Don’t write letters if you don’t know what’s going on
This letter is in response to the Nov. 2 letter by Yvonne Prause, which should have included facts not in the letter. She states that she is a working class person who can’t keep it straight. Then if you don’t know what’s going on, don’t write letters to the paper. She says she speaks for many. She sure does not speak for the working class people that live in the SSAs and just had their taxes raised $500 to $1,000 for street repairs that everyone else in the village gets for free. Now [Village President Michael] Garvey and his group of lackeys want to raise taxes 7 percent even though there is a 5-percent cap in Cook County. I could go on about everything he has done since elected in April, but the list of things he has not done would be longer than War & Peace. He has broken every campaign promise in the Pep Party literature.

They had to fire four Public works employees to pass the budget, yet we are paying for 2 men to do the job of one for the next six months. Where is the logic? Oh that’s right, Mr. Garvey is a lawyer, and they don’t use logic or common sense. I do wish to thank the current village board for putting an end to Brookfest (better known as Brookmess). No more people parking, blocking our driveway or throwing trash on our yard or urinating in the alleys. That being said, they recalled a governor in California. I say we recall the village president and most of the village board for being the most ineffective group of people in my 30 years as a resident.

She states in her letter that she has not heard one single complaint. I guess she is not working class if she can afford raising the water and garbage rates as the village board just did even though there are millions in surplus in both accounts. This has been going on for 30 years, only when the Pep Party is elected. The next election can’t come soon enough. I just hope the residents have not all moved out of the village because they can’t afford it. Maybe that’s why they are moving out by the hundreds. I use to be proud of where I live; now I am just ashamed.

The Pep party had the lackeys Towner and Edwards write a letter just about every week when they were not in power. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and if you have no idea what has been going on in Brookfield the last 30 years, don’t write letters because it just makes you look stupid.

Mark A. Roegner

Satisfyingcuriosity, here’s the lowdown on the trees
This is in an effort to reply to Art Miller’s letter regarding the tree issue on trustees Ketchmark’s and Hall’s block [“Still curious about tree removal, trimming,” Oct. 26]. There were two diseased elm trees on the 3800 block of Woodside. One was removed by village crews (3838 Woodside) and one was removed by a contractor (3817 Woodside). Thus far, a total of 16 elm trees were lost to Dutch Elm disease in the year 2005.

William C. Brandt
Director of Public Works, Village of Brookfield