Don’t drag me into your hostility
Wow. That’s all I can say in response to Mark Roegner attack on me (“Don’t write letters if you don’t know what’s going on,” LETTERS, Nov. 9).

Makes you wonder just how many of the past 30 years this man’s been so angry with his life in Brookfield (I don’t need this confirmed?”one letter was scary enough for me). That’s OK, no offense taken.

Look, you feel the way you do, and I am entitled to feel the way I do. Unlike you, the only point I wanted to get across, in a jovial manner I might add, was the bashing on both sides.

Like I said before, I have no complaints. You see, I do know what’s going. And because I am simple working class, I have realized after speaking with so many of my family and friends, who live in Brookfield, Riverside and several of the towns west and south of here, that everyone’s taxes are rising, Mr. Roegner. Everyone is getting hit with higher expenses.

The reality is you think you have it bad until you talk to another homeowner. Brookfield is still the most economically reasonable place to live, again, in my opinion. The values of our homes have gone up significantly, which then reflect some of our increases.

Please, don’t use me to address your obvious hostility toward a town you’ve lived in for 30 years, and the hatred for the people who were voted in to run it. It’s OK to just write your own letter, you don’t need me.

In closing, perhaps you could consider one of the following:

A. Join the Living Room Club and plan a strategy to right all the wrongs within our village and, of course, get the lackeys out, then hope to get elected or;

B. Put a sign on your lawn and leave the town which you are so ashamed of. I sincerely hope you do one or the other. If for no other reason there would be hope for happiness in your future over the next 30 years.

Yvonne Prause

Great job on Swan Pond wall
Kudos are in order for the Riverside Recreation Department, Michael Hullihan’s Department of Public Works and Andersen Construction for the fine job of rebuilding and renewing the Swan Pond retaining wall and stairs. It looks good now and will age well.

Those that come after us will be the ultimate beneficiaries of their efforts. It’s great to see people in Riverside cooperating like this to maintain and improve one of the village’s greatest assets.

Likewise, kudos for the hard work of Riverside’s new forester, Mike Collins, and the Landscape Advisory Commission for their attention to the careful maintenance, new trees and other plantings that help make Riverside so beautiful.

We’re very fortunate to live in this beautiful enclave, and all the people who help to keep it up deserve our thanks.

Donald Spatny

Questioning ‘insulting’ letter
Regarding Mark Roegner’s Nov. 9 letter, “Don’t write letters if you don’t know what’s going on”:

How can you find out what’s going on if you don’t ask questions or write letters? In my opinion, his letter is so full of hate, inaccuracies and exaggerations, I had to write to question his statements and attitude.

1. List of things Garvey has not done?”longer than “War and Peace”?

2. Insults all lawyers, claiming they don’t use logic and common sense?

3. Residents moving out of the village because they can’t afford it, by the hundreds?

4. Insulting letter writers by saying their letters make them look stupid? And violating their first amendment rights at the same time (don’t write).

Mr. Roegner, did you read your own letter and think about what you would look like when it appeared in print? I will not insult you, but I and many others seriously question your statements.

Charles Merson