RB High School Vets Day activity a fine event
Riverside-Brookfield High School’s administration (Jack Baldermann, Bill Jirkovsky and Mary Ann Nardi) and students are to be complimented on the wonderful Veterans Day 2005 activities they performed to honor our military service. The administration and students could have taken the day off as a holiday, but decided to honor our veterans. The offering of your time is a precious gift.

We were invited to meet with the students in their classrooms for a question-and-answer period after the school assembly honoring the veterans. I was encouraged with the students questions during our session and have great faith in our future generation. Unfortunately, the media has a tendency to idolize an undesirable segment of youths in our society, when they should be recognizing the wonderful contributions RBHS students made on Veterans Day 2005.

Thank you again to RB’s administration and staff for making my second Veteran’s Day participation a special event. I encourage all veterans to participating in the Veterans Day 2006 celebration, which will be held on Friday, Nov. 10.

Hal Burke, RB grad ’60

Letter writer the one who’s misinformed
Someone should explain to Mark Roegner that when you write nasty, small, petty things about people (“Don’t write letters if you don’t know what’s going on,” Letters, Nov. 9), you are viewed as a nasty, small, petty person.

His personal attacks on Mike Garvey, Cathy Edwards, Kit Ketchmark and Mike Towner are baseless. I know these people to be both honest and honorable. Roegner seems to outraged with them because he has to pay his street assessment.

I do not remember him fretting about the people on Broadway Avenue when they were assessed. He wrote no letter when I was assessed for my property on Grand Boulevard. We paid our taxes. Stop whining like a little school girl and pay your taxes. Roegner is asking us to pay our taxes and his too.

In his latest letter Mark he rants about someone not knowing what they were talking about. How strange to hear that from him. I rarely find his letters to be accurate. My personal favorite of his “insights” was before the election. He called Cathy Edwards a quitter because she “retired” from the village.

If Roegner is so well informed, how is it that he does not know a political hatchet job when he sees one? Does he believe the retirement story? Does he believe that Santa will be bringing him a bicycle for Christmas?

If any whiny little school girls are offended by the unflattering comparison, I ask you to accept my heartfelt regrets.

Paul Szachnitowski