And now the rest of the story. Last week’s column told you about former Riversider (but still a Riversider in his heart), Patrick Creadon, and his journey to bring his documentary film on crossword puzzle devotees, “Wordplay,” to the Sundance Film Festival.

A fan of crossword puzzles and the New York Times puzzle in particular, Creadon and his wife, Christine O’Malley, began to wonder what the puzzles Editor Will Shortz was really like. The couple had questions themselves, wondering if Shortz was as smart as he seems to be. They also wondered how Shortz and his colleagues create the amazing puzzles that have turned many a sane soul into an addicted crossword puzzle solver.

The idea of a documentary unfolded and they put in a phone call to Shortz to start the process. They proposed the idea of a documentary to Shortz and, within weeks, “Wordplay” was off and running.

“Wordplay” can be referred to as a tribute to crossword puzzle lovers all over the world, people who test their brains and wits weekly and daily with emphasis on the New York Times puzzle.

The film gives an in-depth look at Shortz, who for the past 12 years has been the crossword puzzle editor for the Times, and at how the puzzle has grown in popularity among people, many of who are interviewed for the film, from all walks of life.

It takes a look at those who create puzzles and gives insight into why an estimated 50 million people do the word puzzles weekly. Viewers of the film will also get a chance to see the “action” at the 28th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Whether you are a puzzle worker or not, this film will interest you as it gives a look at the madness, mirth, frustration and relief that are part of the puzzlers’ world and maybe answer some of your questions regarding crossword puzzles.

Suffice to say, let’s wait until the film is out to learn the rest about the subject as directed by Patrick Creadon.

Next stop for “Wordplay” and O’Malley Creadon Productions is the Sundance Film Festival in January of 2006. There the film will be competing in the field of documentaries. Creadon’s entry will be one of 16 selected from over 1,500 entries.

According to Creadon, the film so far has been a hit with the festival programmers, and Creadon’s hopeful they will be able to secure a distribution deal at the festival.

“This is the most competitive and prestigious film festival in America, and having our first feature-length documentary premiere there is quite literally a dream come true,” Creadon said.

Planning to be on hand in Park City, Utah cheering are Creadon’s parents Pat and Carol of Riverside.

Creadon’s path has gone from a long interest in the documentaries on public television and the show “60 Minutes” to a job on the PBS documentary show “The 90s” and now to the Sundance Film Festival as the director of the film “Wordplay.”.

Now for my next idea. How about following Sundance, O’Malley Creadon Productions bring their film to Riverside, where we can have a showing at the Township Hall, the Library or somewhere appropriate complete with a red carpet? Sounds like fun to me!

The best of luck to Patrick Creadon, Christine O’Malley and “Wordplay.” You’re well on your way.

Keep reading this column for the update on “Wordplay.”