Time to kick back and reread the Christmas cards that are in our holiday greeting card holder. This is not to say I didn’t read them when they first arrived, but it is nice to give them the time they deserve and give a thought to those who cared enough to send the holiday greetings.

It also is a time to read the holiday letters that have been carefully penned by friends. I enjoy getting the letters, especially when they are filled with good news about the family that sent them. It is good to know what has happened with their lives over the year and what their children are doing.

But then we come to the letters that chronicle not only the lives of the senders but their extended friends and family as well. Perhaps the writers presume we know all the people they’re referring to. We usually don’t, although after reading their names and exploits over the years it is as if we do know them, not well but enough. While it isn’t nice to single any letters out, two come to mind. The fact they come from states far away make it almost a sure thing they will not read my comments here.

The first come from friends who have lived many places, but currently reside in Texas, I usually wait for their card so I will know where to send the Kosey greeting. We have known this couple for 40 years and haven’t seen them for about that long. They were a couple we met when first married and Husband Joe was protecting our country as a member of the United States Air Force.

We knew them as Chet and Barb. However, the 2005 letter referred to Cesare. This was not Barb’s husband No. 2. Instead, it seems Chet has decided to go by the name Cesare. Maybe it was his given name or he is having a post mid-life crisis.

Anyway every time the name “Cesare” appeared, the name Chet stood next to it in parentheses. Go figure. It has been so long since we have seen this couple, I probably wouldn’t know Cesare from Chet anyhow, but it is nice to keep in touch. But who are the other people she keeps on writing about?

Then there is a couple who must begin their holiday letter in January. I can’t remember what I did last January to chronicle it in a letter. We learn about every visit they made to friends and family and what they did when they made a trip. Glad to know they are doing well with their jobs and the kids are doing fine, but again who are some of the other people they keep talking about?

Husband Joe says we have nothing interesting to write about in a holiday letter. I beg to differ. So what if we didn’t take a cruise? We had a great time on a speed boat ride in the Dells with the grandkids. If you use enough descriptive words, it could be a noteworthy paragraph in a holiday letter.

I’m sure people would be thrilled to know that since we got our new windows a year ago our house is warmer and more soundproof. And there is always something to write about when it comes to the grandchildren.

We could include Husband Joe’s appendectomy and my TV show on RBTV. There’s lots to write about, but I didn’t. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even get all my cards out. I ran out of stamps, got a flat tire and ran out of time, so if you didn’t get a card from me you know the reason why. But I thought about you. So keep those cards and letters coming; I really enjoy them. As a head start on next year, I already bought my Christmas cards so I will be better prepared. Hah!

Hope your New Year’s was great?”ours was. We went to the Chew Chew Caf. The food and presentation was wonderful. It would have had Rachel Ray going, “Yum!” If you want to know what we had, I happen to have the menu in my purse, so just ask. Scott Zimmer and staff did it again a good way to start out the year 2006!