The Olympic torch has been extinguished, the athletes will be returning home and television viewing in the Kosey household will return to normal?”which means more episodes of “Law and Order.”

I really enjoy the Olympics?”cheering on the athletes, watching in amazement as they go through their efforts, learning about different sports and hearing terms I’ve never heard before and will probably only use if I am playing a trivia game. Yes, curling is a sport!

There is more of an upside to the games, but there is also the downside, brought on by the athletes themselves or the media. As an example, I was as tired of hearing or reading about the feud between Shani Davis and Chad Hedrick as I am about seeing Brad and Angelina overdone in the press.

Get over yourselves guys, this is the Olympics and you were to put you’re your best foot, or skates in this case, forward.

Personally, I was proud to be an American with the likes of speed skater Joey Cheeks, who not only has a great name (easily remembered) but brought home medals and gave his monetary reward to a charity. And I don’t think he argued or disagreed with anyone.

Bode Miller made it to the slopes, partied beforehand (according to reports), had his commercials aired and hoped for endorsements but disappointed everyone. Could be his fame will be as fleeting as his skiing.

Shaun White, his red hair, snowboard and laid-back style of living introduced us mere mortals to the sport of snowboarding and the half pipe. It also had me asking myself if some people have a death wish or are just a bit crazy. You can form your own opinion.

They are in the same group of athletes who get on skis, jump 20 feet in the air, twist and turn and hopefully land on their skis standing up.

Not to be forgotten are those who get on a sled or luge and go flying around the icy turns at 80 miles an hour, it reminded me of the Flying Turns ride at Riverview (I’m dating myself).

To me just walking on an icy sidewalk is a skill. I marveled at the figure skaters who had moves the human body was not intended to perform.

Pairs skaters tossed and flipped each other around, and each time one would fall I wondered how they got up and continued. It had to hurt. I would have sat there and cried for awhile. Don’t you wonder how they can still stand after spinning around? I do.

Italy did itself proud, and I enjoyed seeing the sights of the city and countryside. I shared the enthusiasm of the Italian people when speed skater Enrico Fabris won the 1,500-meter race, beating those two battling boys from the U.S., Davis and Hedrick.

Italian ice dancer Barbara Poli gave her partner Maurizio Margaglio a look that could have melted the ice. It was a look only an Italian woman can give when angry. Their “cold war” lasted until the next day, when, following a successful skate, they kissed and made up. I would have made up before the event, if you know what I mean.

So now the games are over and the suggestions for next time will be coming from all over. My thoughts focus on the events, the personal stories and less Bob Costas. Athletes, let’s go for more goodwill; you’ll look good and so will the U.S.

Save the date

On March 11, Hauser Junior High will host its “garage sale” to raise funds for students attending the Pride Conference in Washington D.C. in April.

The Pride Family Sale will feature quality items donated by over 90 families, according to “Butch” Berwanger, Pride sponsor and sale coordinator. The sale will take place at Hauser Junior High from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.