Work on Prairie Avenue between 31st Street and Brookfield Avenue will be completed in 2007. But several other streets in Brookfield may also qualify for the kind of federal funding Prairie Avenue received.

Last Thursday, Village Engineer Derek Treichel laid out a plan for improvements to Brookfield’s other main streets, also called “collector” routes, between now and 2011.

“This is a best-case schedule,” Treichel said. “This assumes we’ll get the funding. But if you’re ready, usually you get the funding.”

According to the schedule presented to the village board’s Infrastructure Committee, if the village receives federal funding, construction on Grand Boulevard between 31st Street and the Veterans Circle and on Washington Avenue between Prairie Avenue and Golf Road could commence in 2008.

In 2009, work could begin on the second half of Grand Boulevard, while construction on Maple Avenue from 47th Street to Burlington Avenue could happen in 2010. During 2011, work could be done on Prairie Avenue between 47th Street and Burlington Avenue.

“I suggest we push hard for this schedule,” said Treichel, who has already applied for the federal funding for those projects. If the village wins funding, it will have to match 25 percent of the total construction costs. Traditionally, the village uses motor fuel tax funds to complete the match.

?”Bob Uphues