Brookfield is a solid working, middle-class village. In many cases, the residents, as well as seniors, are sensitive to any increases to the cost of living. There is a steady concern, because it appears that we have become a village of soaring payrolls and multi-spending plans. It’s almost a “how high can we go” attitude.

Does the size of a paycheck mandate how proficient someone is? Our newly hired village manager hires an assistant manager, and together they have come up with ideas of raising parking fees, raising sales tax, proposing to increase the amount of alleys paved yearly, which will again increase the taxpayer’s debt.

Our newly elected president was very successful in the last election. It appeared he had a great desire to be a great leader and we would all benefit from that ambition.

I urge Mr. Garvey to look around more at other options and not just press the easy button of raising our taxes to justify his manger’s spending.

If he doesn’t get satisfaction from the Board of Trustees, I suggest that he seek out other ideas of attaining additional income for our village. I know he cannot wave a magic wand, but the relentless pounding of additional revenue from the residents has to lighten up.

Again, I encourage our president to use his talent and abilities to give people in Brookfield a satisfying resolution. It’s your watch.

Jane Harps
 Jane Harps is a former Brookfield village trustee.