Remember how your parents and we as parents say, “If you don’t like it, then fix it or do something about it”? How about the Boy Scout motto “Be prepared”?

When I go to vote on March 21 for District 95 and vote “yes,” I am going home and taking an empty coffee can and placing my loose coins in it.

I will encourage the rest of my family to do the same (anyone else out there can do it, too). When the tax bill comes in, I will cash in the coins and pay the extra $200 in taxes for our District 95 tax increase (for our children’s education).

Then, I think I will take whatever is left over and do something together as a family?”ice cream, movie or dinner.

This will show my children I am proud of their hard work in school.

I am even going to have a little fun with it, and label my can “Chump Change for District 95.” Want to join in on the fun?

Lisa Parcel