As a Brookfield village trustee, I was elected to serve the community in the best possible way for its residents. The main reason that I ran for the trustee position was because I care so much about Brookfield. As Trustees we have important decisions to make on your behalf and I always make my decisions carefully and most definitely in all of our best interests.

I recently voted to allow a referendum to be placed on the ballot on March 21 for a 1-percent sales tax increase. I did this because I saw it as the easiest way to increase the much needed revenue in Brookfield.

You may recall that one of the campaign promises that we made to you was to create an ongoing maintenance plan for the streets. The State of Illinois recently passed a law allowing communities to go for this 1-percent sales tax revenue, and we saw this as a good way of bringing in the additional revenue and dedicating it to maintaining all the streets in Brookfield.

Another way that can bring in more revenue is a property tax increase, which we chose not to do. We felt, instead, that this 1-percent sales tax would be the easiest way to bring in a sizeable amount of revenue because everyone who purchases in Brookfield, whether they live here or not, will be paying this 1 percent. …

This is additional revenue from everyone who drives on our streets to get to our stores?”a minimum of $400,000?”to fix our streets. And this will include people who shop and dine at our Zoo also.

As it currently stands, 1 percent of the tax you currently pay here comes back to Brookfield. Pass this increase and 2 percent will come back. This will not apply to the purchase of groceries, pharmaceuticals or titled motor vehicles.

Basically there are three things we as residents can do. We can vote for the 1-percent sales tax on March 21 that will cost you one penny on each dollar you spend; or we can raise property taxes, which will add up to much more than one penny on the dollar; or we can do nothing, let our streets crumble, and allow the value of our property to go down.

As a village board we chose the way that will cost the least and give you the most?”a 1-percent sales tax.

Please vote “yes” on March 21st for the future of Brookfield.

Cathy Colgrass Edwards
 Cathy Colgrass Edwards is a Brookfield village trustee.