Our roads, a key to Olmsted’s vision, are used and enjoyed freely by all: resident and visitor alike. But the cost of maintaining and, especially, rebuilding them has traditionally been borne by residents in general and individual homeowners in particular.

In an effort to relieve the strain of property tax increases and special assessments, and with an eye toward making our road program more equitably financed, the Riverside village board has developed a plan.

But to implement this plan we need your assistance in the form of approving the 1-percent sales tax referendum on March 21. The equity of this tax lies in the fact that it is shared by visitors to our community (the zoo and gas stations will be the primary sources of taxed sales). The burden does not fall disproportionately on residents.

Riversidians desire and deserve well maintained roads. Please support the village board’s efforts by voting “yes” to the Riverside sales tax referendum on Tuesday, March 21.

Kevin F. Smith
 Kevin F. Smith is a Riverside village trustee.