Having known Jim Tobin and National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI) for more than 20 years, I regret having to say they are all wrong in opposing RB’s renovation referendum.

NTUI has released neither its list nor number of members in District 208. Had NTUI any membership strength here, it would have said so. Thus, I interpret its position as a few local naysayers using NTUI stationery to thwart needed improvements in RB’s life safety, pedagogical and athletic facilities.

Even if NTUI has membership here, its position was decided in a back room, without the very public notice and involvement NTUI always demands of would-be tax-raisers.

I served on an RB study panel for more than two years. We met?”in public?”more than a dozen times. I have since been to at least half-dozen other public meetings on the subject. NTUI has never been announced as attending any of these sessions.

How did NTUI learn of this proposal? What study did it perform? What data was analyzed? Who was questioned?

NTUI has no answers for these questions.

Jim and NTUI have an admirable record of shining a light on out-of-touch government bodies that quietly seek to raise taxes. Inexplicably, in opposing RB’s referendum, NTUI has targeted a school board that has adhered to high standards of public involvement, while NTUI has acted like its usual prey.

RB is our high school, not NTUI’s. I am convinced the renovation is needed now, and will vote in favor of the referendum. While I respect informed opposition, I urge everyone to discount significantly NTUI’s ill-considered and uninformed entry into a District 208 discussion.

Chris Robling