I’ve had a very long and wonderful relationship with District 95. My parents, Evelyn and Rudy Minarovic, along with their siblings, graduated from Gross School. My cousins, my husband and I graduated from Gross School. And when I went back to teaching, it was at Gross School while my children were busy getting ready to graduate from Brook Park School. Now my daughter, Debby Cornacchia, is teaching seventh grade at S.E. Gross Middle School. …

How lucky we all were to be part of generations of children taken under the educational wing of District 95. During my 23 years of teaching in the district, I found so many dedicated and caring staff members.

We were never a rich district; spending money on new programs and staff was always very carefully calculated. Many of us spent our own money for not only the “extras” but also for the necessities in our classrooms?”as most teachers still do. …

Now we are faced with declining funds in an ever-growing economy and the community is being asked to please help. How can we not vote “yes” when it comes to our children’s education? How can we not vote “yes” for progress in our schools?

With a new superintendent coming on board, we need to show our support for the educational decisions that person and the elected school board will be making for our children.

Am I a taxpayer in the district? No, I am not. But here is my personal offer:

I will take whatever is the average tax increase, multiply it by five and send a check for that amount to the district office. That way I’ll be putting my money, not only where my mouth is, but where my heart is.

Jane Fiala
Downers Grove