I would like to respond to the article about the Lyons Township Republican committeeman’s race (“Local candidates butt heads in committeeman race,” News, Jan. 25).

I was shocked to find out that Tom Walsh was involved in the race. It was Tom Walsh, as a Proviso Republican Committeeman, who was run out of town for supporting Democrats.

In April 2005, Tom Walsh supported the Democratic slate for Proviso Township. The Democratic slate was organized and financially supported by Democrats like Melrose Park Mayor Ron Serpico and Democratic Committeeman Eugene Moore.

In 2001, so-called Republican Committeeman Tom Walsh endorsed Democratic Committeewoman Wanda Sharp for Proviso Township Supervisor. In 2002, Tom Walsh as Proviso Republican Committeeman, again, supported and endorsed Democrats like Ron Serpico, Tom Dart and Lisa Madigan. He supported Democrats running against Republican candidates.

In December Tom Walsh received a controversial consulting job at Proviso Township, which many people feel was orchestrated by Ron Serpico. … Perhaps he doesn’t realize we do not like Melrose Park-style politics in Lyons Township. My advice to Tom Walsh is to move back to Proviso and register as a Democrat.

Michael Brooks