Thanks to D208 voters for support
On behalf of the Citizens for RB, I would like to thank the District 208 voters for supporting the recent building fund referendum. By passing this monumental referendum, a clear message has been sent by the communities that Riverside-Brookfield High School serves.

That message is that the residents of Brookfield, Riverside, North Riverside and LaGrange Park believe in quality education and they are willing to go the extra mile in their support for it. We believe that all of our communities will benefit from this facility’s enhancement and again we thank you for your support.

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who were involved in the referendum campaign. Administrators, board members, teachers, parents, students and concerned residents all sacrificed countless hours and put out a tremendous effort to achieve this mandate.

Without their assistance, this campaign would have never gotten off the ground. Both current and future Riverside-Brookfield High School students will be forever indebted to all who helped in this worthy endeavor. Thank you again.

William McCloskey

William McCloskey was chairman of the Citizens for RB referendum committee.

Call for boycott uses ‘twisted’ logic
Mr. Roegner, please, in the future do not mistake your self-importance as a ticket to speak for a group of people that you do not know or represent in any fashion (“Boycott Brookfield businesses over tax,” Letters, March 29).

I and many of my friends on the “south side of the tracks” support the new and old Brookfield businesses alike and will continue to do so. The 1-percent sales tax that was passed, was passed by the citizenry of Brookfield. That is what we who live in the New World call democracy.

You would have us boycott the very people who I am assuming voted against this tax, the business owners, and punish them for a vote that was passed by the residents of Brookfield. The thinking behind this logic is twisted at best.

You state the PEP Party has “scared” people into voting for this tax. Do you mean to say that the citizens of Brookfield, as a majority, are so naive that they can be “scared” into paying additional taxes, and that you are one of the few that has overcome the scare tactic and are moving in the direction of a boycott? I think the scare tactic approach here belongs to you, albeit an extremely weak one.

I submit to you that the restaurants and shopping in Brookfield would not be devastated if you were to not spend your money there, but please do not think that you speak for anyone but yourself and maybe a few friends that share your beliefs.

As for our neighboring communities, as you and your friends drive through Brookfield on your way to other businesses in these communities, check out the real estate market and maybe you can find a place where you can truly be happy?”outside of Brookfield.

As for myself and others here in Brookfield, I say support your local establishments and embrace the new arrivals in our business district, for the future of successful economic development rests on the shoulders of these entrepreneurs.

They do not need boycotts, they need our support.

Dennis Meehan