According to the calendar it is spring, but Mother Nature has failed to look at her calendar. This means we are at the in-between stage as to what to wear. The weather is dictating our apparel as opposed to trusting the calendar.

Just as I moved the sweaters into a different place, the temperature dropped a few degrees, and I retrieved them?”temporarily, I hope.

Change of seasons means changes in styles of clothing?”shoes in particular. Shoes are a big part of a woman’s wardrobe, but I don’t know if comfort is a deciding factor.

How high do high heels need to be? Right now, the height of some heels could cause a nosebleed for some wearers. If you notice how thin the heels are, it might make you stop and think. How many places you can get those skinny, little heels caught, to say nothing of the fall you are apt to take?

I haven’t worn high heels since the time (several years ago) I was downtown and fell off the curb on State Street. My friends and I were attempting to be “cool” in the big city. Truthfully, if the Lord had wanted me to walk on my toes, I believe he would have given me what it takes to be a ballerina. But I do give credit and some admiration to those who can wear high heels.

Of the higher-than-necessary shoes, there are the ones that make me think I should only wear them when I have a basket of fruit on my head and am listening to a medley of Xavier Cugat hits. Those shoes also test your balance and endurance, neither of which I prefer to test.

Flip-flops seem to recreate themselves each year, sort of like Madonna. Hey, that would be a great name for flip-flops since she constantly reinvents herself, no matter how long she has been around.

Flip-flops this season have taken on a glittery, bejeweled appearance in an effort, I suppose, to make them acceptable in more places. And, each time, the price goes up a little more. Today’s flip-flops are a far cry from the original one , which cost a dollar or less when they first burst on the summer scene.

Now, sandals are nice for the most part. They border on the line of sensibility, are fashionable and can be worn for many occasions. And, of course, you have to admit that they can be very comfortable.

In preparation for the season of show off your feet, pedicures have become a must, as important as a manicure. Neither of those, I might add, are restricted to females anymore. Never have I seen or heard of so many places that given pedicures, nor have I seen as many creams devoted strictly to feet.

Choosing footwear is a personal preference and, if the weather ever accommodates, we will see them all.

And what about those who go barefoot? That’s up to them. Think about poor Cinderella. Her only choice was a glass slipper, and she did all right.