Scores of young men and women graduate from Riverside-Brookfield High School each year. Many of those students have been publicly recognized?”some on many occasions?”for their achievements in the classroom or on the athletic field. Those achievements are terrific and are worthy of that special attention.

At the same time there are other students who accomplish things just as noteworthy. They volunteer for local organizations and are leaders within student associations. In addition, there are those remarkable students who refuse to let significant obstacles impede their march toward excellence.

It is for that group of students that the Landmark created its Citizen Awards for Graduating Seniors, now in its third year. It’s our way of honoring the many young people in our communities who stand tall in their good works, who are optimistic battlers and who, in some cases, have found their way into the upper percentile rankings of scholarship.

Our three honorees were chosen by Landmark staff from among students nominated by counselors at Riverside-Brookfield High School. We thank the leaders and staff of the school, especially counselor Marsha Hubbuch, for their strong interest and their understanding of the particular sort of student we are looking to recognize.

Finally, we’d like to thank the four institutions who have sponsored this special section, which we hope to expand to include more noteworthy students in the future. Those sponsors are: The First National Bank of Brookfield, Riverside-Brookfield High School, The Brookfield Chamber of Commerce and the Riverside Township Chamber of Commerce.

We hope you enjoy reading the profiles of the 2006 Citizen Award winners.

Bob Uphues
Associate Publisher
Riverside-Brookfield Landmark