If you don’t think the Landmark is far reaching, well let me tell you different, Bunky. A recent column I wrote relating remembrances of a little corner grocery store located on Northgate Road in Riverside made its way to Florida to be read by none other than Jim Shanel, who lived at the little store with his sister, Emily, and his parents.

An e-mail to Bob Uphues and forwarded to me told more to the story of the store and the Shanel family. The Shanels (and now Judy Baar Topinka and I know the correct spelling of the Shanel’s name) purchased the store in 1928 when Jim was only 2 and Emily was 6.

The Shanel children attended the Riverside public schools with Emily graduating from RB in 1940 and Jim in 1944. Mr. and Mrs. Shanel enjoyed running the little store and, according to Jim, were fond of the children who came in to purchase candy, drinks, Popsicles or other tasty treats.

I mentioned the sawdust on the floor, and Jim wanted me to know that it was his job to sweep the sawdust everyday at 6. From what I could gather from the e-mail, the Shanel children had a happy childhood and remembered there were quite a few vacant lots near the store. Jim should see it now!

Emily even met her husband, Clarence Most, at the store; he delivered the papers. The family ran the business for 23 years before selling it to Ernie in 1951. Because Jim did not recall Ernie’s last name, we will always refer to him as just “Ernie” unless someone out there or a family member comes forth to let us know.

A little column about a little store brought back fond memories for not only Judy Baar Topinka and I, but also for Clyde “Moose” Moravec, who was in town for a few days with his wife, Anne. The Moravecs resided on the 300 block of Selborne Road (it was spelled “Selbourne” then) and talked about going to Ernie’s.

So I now have someone to add to my e-mail addresses. We’re glad Jim Shanel was happy with the column. He would like people to know he is 80 and Emily is 84, both residents of Fort Meyers, Fla. and retired. He would be happy to hear from those who may remember him. Check out The entire e-mail in this week’s Letters to the Editor (page 13).

Semenske Scholarship picnic coming

Just a reminder: On Saturday, July 8 at Kiwanis Park in Brookfield will be the Aaron Semenske Scholarship Foundation picnic fundraiser. Now in its 10th year, the fundraiser was established in memory of Aaron Semenske by his parents to provide scholarships for students from Riverside-Brookfield High School.

The scholarships go to students who possess many of the characteristics of their son, including scholarship, athleticism, leadership and service. The event will include food, music, raffles and a silent auction. For more information or to purchase raffle tickets call, 387-9059 or 485-4760.

Birthday greetings

Happy Birthday wishes go out to a special gentleman named Robert Gwinn, who recently celebrated his birthday with family and friends. We won’t give you his exact age, only to say he is over 90, but you would never know it. He is an inspiration to people of all ages.