Nostalgic for Riverside’s old days, when Henninger’s Pharmacy was a neighborhood hangout and the word teardown had yet to be uttered inside the village’s leafy environs?

Well, you can purchase a piece of that past through the month of July courtesy of the Riverside Historical Commission.

Beginning at yesterday’s Fourth of July celebration and continuing through the rest of the month, people can buy individual bricks from the old Henninger Pharmacy from the Historical Commission for $10 apiece. Orders will be taken via phone (447-2542), e-mail (riversidehistory

All proceeds from the sales will be put toward the upcoming renovation of the west well house, which will become a new exhibit space for the museum.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to do this,” said Suzanne Bartholomew, chairperson of the Riverside Historical Commission. “It’s an opportunity for residents to get a piece of history.”

The 500 bricks were donated to the commission by the developers of the Village Center Development, which is now under construction on the northeast corner of Longcommon Road and East Burlington Street, for decades home to the former drug store. Bartholomew said the village was offered the bricks by the property’s longtime owner, Nick Mlade.

“His offer was that we could have them and sell them for whatever price we wanted,” Bartholomew said.

In addition, both the Village Center Development and LaSalle Bank in Riverside have pledged $1 each for each brick sold by the commission. As a result, the commission could raise up to $6,000 to put toward the west well house renovation.

?”Bob Uphues