I thought I would share with you some of the things that bug me. Periodically, I have to vent, and the Landmark is kind enough to give me a public forum to do it.

We can now bring all sorts of potential weapons aboard an airliner, including four books of matches. But we cannot bring on cigarette lighters for fear some terrorist will light their shoelaces with them. Trust that matches would work better, if shoelaces were the aim. But we have the most ridiculous security policies at airports. I am happy that security folks check to make sure that we are safe, but they need some kind of consistency in policy to make this work. Congress has some strange priorities.

Have you noticed Bandaids, recently? The fluffy, gauze center has now been replaced by a flat paper lining which dissolves rather quickly when wet. Blood being wet (woe be anyone who washes their hands or gets water on these things), it does not take long for today’s adhesive bandages to fall apart. This new configuration is either a desire for alleged “progress” or just a desire to save money while peddling an inferior product. Moral of the story is: Don’t cut yourself.

I have my charities as do others. But once you give to a charity, it would seem that one’s name on a list is sold to others who may wish to solicit. I cannot tell you how many solicitations I now get in the mail, each having address labels or maybe a penny, nickel, even a dollar enclosed to make me want to give. I have not figured out why the inclusion of money would provoke me to give, unsolicited. But the gummy labels are causing mass disruption to my shredder. I also do not want greeting cards, Christmas cards, Christmas wrappings, stickers for my windows, and plastic religious items. Jeepers, can’t one just give and be happy with that?

Women’s dress sizes have changed so that no one has the foggiest idea what one’s size is. In a desire to make us feel slimmer while obesity rules the land, dress sizes are now a size bigger, but stating a size smaller-plus we now get sizes 1, 2, 3 on up, and who knows what that means.

Supposedly, people under 50 do not read newspapers or know what is going on in the world. I am beginning to believe it. And metropolitan newspapers run features on fashion that only the few could afford. Thousand-dollar blouses are a bit out of my league.

Motion picture theaters wonder why fewer people are going to them. One can outprice one’s services, and they are there. It is much cheaper to get a DVD or videotape, not to mention the popcorn is cheaper.

And while I’m at it, it’s sad that families cannot now afford to go to a professional baseball game except infrequently, if at all. Even the museums have become beyond reach to many.

The list is endless. Just a little common sense and asking the consumer what they want and need might do it. What happened to common sense?