Modern U.S. is not the same as prewar Germany
In regards to the letter to the editor titled, “Questioning Iraq war not unpatriotic,” which appeared in the Landmark on July 19, America is not a repressed nation and should not be compared to prewar Nazi Germany where those who protested disappeared in the middle of the night and were forced to do Hitler’s will and/or were incarcerated. I haven’t seen any of that coming from our commander-in-chief. Protesters here have all the freedom they want, and America will never regress or need to put up a “For Sale” sign as long as we have leaders who are not afraid to act. Our commander-in-chief has the right to keep us safe from the Islamic terrorists who intend to “take over the world” as Hitler did.

Resistance through public protest is very American; however, in time of war, common sense and patriotism should prevail. Protests by backseat drivers-who have little or no knowledge of what is happening-over every move our government makes, hinders any progress made by our troops.

The writer of the article stated that Iraq is a war of revenge, had nothing to do with 9/11, and that President Bush has stated so. A long, hard look must tell you that 9/11, Iraq, what is happening in the Middle East, and the terrorists are all connected. Unlike what happened in Germany, our president had the foresight to do something to promote freedom throughout the world.

Unfortunately, too many countries are unable to make the connection, thus enabling the terrorists’ actions. The U.N. is a prime example of a do-nothing organization. If they did their job, perhaps the world would not be in such turmoil. After Desert Storm, Iraq never complied with the resolutions they agreed to. Had they simply done so, much could have been avoided. Maybe it’s best they chose not to comply so that the world could watch the terrorists come out of the woodwork and see how foreboding and widespread terrorism is. America cannot tackle this job alone. Let’s hope other countries will get some wisdom and join the fight.

The letter’s writer also stated we, the public, should educate our elected principled leaders as to our opinions. I believe we should let them know our opinions, but let’s be pragmatic regarding our opinions. Again I state: we are not in the know and should let those who are make their decisions. If FDR had waited for a referendum and/or public opinion on how to proceed in WWII, none of us would be able to enjoy what we have today.

In reference to the Chicago Tribune’s report on polling that 60 percent of Americans are unhappy with this administration’s handling of the war, the Trib has evolved into a very liberal newspaper where once upon a time they did fair reporting. I’m glad our president doesn’t believe in polls and uses our country’s very best braintrust available in order to preserve what we have.

If the liberals in the U.S. would finally come to realize that President Bush was duly elected, perhaps they would get over their “revenge” regarding his presidency and give him credit for his resolve, dedication and belief in freedom for every human being.

Marion Pierson

Right candidate on opposite side of ballot
I, for one, have had enough!

I’ve been a lifelong Democrat (Big D), but I must say that the recent Kremlinesque handling of the successorship to County Board President John Stroger has really made me want to get active to help derail this blatant ploy to thwart the will of the voters.

Forrest Claypool ran a strong campaign for the Democratic nomination and appeared to have a good chance to get it until John Stroger’s stroke halted active campaigning. He is the only other Democrat who faced the voters for that position and for the party to select anyone else is simply unjust. Bestowing the nomination on Baby Todd as though it is some kind of family heirloom is not only inappropriate, it is just plain stupid. The position of president of the County Board is not “reserved” for any specific family or race, regardless of what “Dollar Bill” Beavers and his cronies think.

I knew George Dunne, I knew Jerome Huppert, and I know that, partisan as they may have been, they always put good government above party politics. It has now become crystal clear to me, and a lot of other Dems I’ve talked to, that we should not be led around by the nose. I urge everyone-black, green, blue or any other color-to look to a better future and vote for Tony Peraica, an able, honest and dedicated guy who just happens to be running on the other side of the ballot.

This is especially important to us in Riverside, surrounded as we are by Forest Preserves that are under the purview of the County Board. They have not been well maintained by the top-heavy Stoger administration, and now is the time to change that. For a myriad reasons, I implore all county Democrats and taxpayers to not only vote for Tony but campaign actively for him, too. He has a real chance to win and is the right man for the job. Don’t be misled by any kind of smokescreen that tries to misrepresent his position on issues that are totally unconcerned with county government. I’m confident Tony will bring meaningful fiscal reform to Cook County government-and he deserves your help to get the chance to do it.

Donald Spatny

Thanks for bringing back memories of The Strand
I’d like to thank Chris Stach for his article on July 19 titled, “When movie houses were movie houses.” I grew up in Brookfield in the ’40s and ’50s and remember spending many Saturday afternoons at The Strand. It brought back very fond memories of going to the Strand Theater and watching Commander Cody and Flash Gordon and the other serials. After The Strand closed, I also remember walking all the way to the La Grange Theater and watching all those classic science fiction movies produced in the ’50s.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Rick Williams
Beaverton, Oregon