Everybody talks about it, but you can’t do anything about it-the weather. It is hot, and you don’t have to be a weather expert to know it that it is not only warm but very hot. I have a theory that if you don’t dwell on the heat and think cool (yeah, all readers of The Landmark are cool) you will be a bit more comfortable. Doesn’t work? Well it was just a suggestion.

So let’s look at what we can do to beat the heat. First we have to stay hydrated. In other words, you need to drink lots of liquids. Didn’t mom always tell you that? The most obvious choice is water. The stuff that comes out of the tap works just fine, but it is more chic to carry a bottle of designer water around. But, for the most part, water is water.

In order to insure your water stays cold you can now make ice cubes shaped to fit in the water bottle of your choice. How clever is that? You can also buy flavored water and even tea that’s pre-measured to pour into your water bottle. Granted it’s more of a project, but you need those liquids.

Summertime favorites of longtime standing are lemonade and iced tea. Iced tea is made by boiling the water to make the tea, adding sugar to make it sweet, putting in some lemon to give it a little tart taste and finally putting it in the refrigerator to cool it down.

Sun tea, which is probably the way the Indians and the pioneers brewed their tea, makes more sense. Throw the tea in a jar, set it in the sun and let the sun do the work. Besides, who wants to turn on the stove in this heat? Lemonade is another drink made with useless steps, sort of, squeeze lemons into the water to make it lemony, add sweetener to make it sweeter. As they say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

If you don’t have air-conditioning and your family won’t fan you until your body has cooled down, cultivate some friends who do have air-conditioning and like you enough to have you over during the duration. If they have a pool that is certainly a plus.

If the heat has made you so grouchy you are better off not being with people, you can always go to a show. “Wordplay” is around. Go to an indoor mall. Ever notice in the hot weather how many people are at the malls? It’s not going to mean a boon to the economy, it means they want to get cool.

Warm weather attire, do I even want to touch that subject? Let me just say light colors are better than dark colors, which absorb the heat. These are not earth-shaking revelations, just common sense. And remember, ladies, we don’t sweat, we glow. Some of us are really glowing.

Remember, it is only five months until Christmas, the cold and the snow. It will be about that time you will be hoping for a little of this warm weather.

Stay cool!