Though the spread in some races was almost as tiny as the turnout, Brookfield voters swept the PEP Party into full power of the Village Board of Trustees in Tuesday’s election.

Members of the PEP party slate won control of the three vacant seats on the board, and another party member, Brigid Weber, was elected to keep her job as village clerk.

The winners told The Landmark after the win that they plan on improving village technology, finances, alley maintenance and recreation.

With 21 of 22 precincts reporting C. P. Hall II received 1,641 votes, David LeClere earned 1,562 votes and Yvonne Prause got 1,476 votes to win the board election.

VIP Party challengers Wilfred “Wil” Brennan got 1,306 votes, John Gallagher earned 1,083 votes, and Bill Russ, who lost his job as village president in the 2005 election, earned 1,161 votes.

Linda Stevanovich, a VIP member who had to vacate her trustee seat because of term limits, lost her run for village clerk by receiving 1,256 votes.

All agreed that the voter turnout, though final numbers were not available at press time, was paltry at best.

“I feel it’s unfortunate that such a small percentage of residents felt it was important for them to come out and vote,” Brennan said. The rest of the VIP party candidates refused to comment.

The election now loads the village board with PEP party members. The last time PEP held every seat on the board was back in 1999.

Village President Michael Garvey, a member of the party, said the low voter turnout makes one significant point.

“I think residents are satisfied with the way things are going,” he said Tuesday night. “I feel it’s a confirmation of what we’ve done so far.”

C.P. Hall, the clear voter favorite, says he’s grateful that voters are allowing him to keep his seat on the board. He served as a trustee from 1993-97 and 2005-07. He says he wants to keep an eye on the financial future of the village.

“Too many communities have gotten into trouble with overspending,” Hall says. “We have very good financial controls.”

LeClere, a newcomer to the board who’s most known for his chairmanship of the village’s Playgrounds and Recreation Commission, said the PEP sweep is a win for Brookfield.

“I want to make our recreation programs more versatile for all ages, and people with disabilities,” LeClere said. “I also want to work with the Brookfield Zoo, to bring them more together with the village. Besides recreation, I’d also like to see us expand our alley maintenance program.”

Prause, a construction company office manager who is also an officer in community groups such as the local little leagues, said that she was too overwhelmed to comment. Weber said she’s personally happy that voters showed they have confidence in her brief foray into the clerk job. She was appointed by the board to the clerk’s position to replace former Clerk Dan Raddatz in August 2006.