I was pretty much entranced to find a fawn nestling in my flower bed right outside my front door, just 10 houses away from bustling Harlem Avenue, until I heard from neighbors that deer have been noted in the neighborhood. This is odd as the closest forest preserve is at 39th Street and Harlem Avenue, and this is a highly residential area. One would think that deer would not choose this place to hang out.

I did not know what to do with the fawn. I mean, did it have a mother? Would the mother come back for it? Was the mother now roadkill and gone?

I called the Brookfield Zoo who sent me to the Trailside Museum in River Forest, which knows something about wildlife, though it no longer accepts wounded or abandoned wildlife (yet another cut by the bloated, mismanaged Cook County board). It was after hours, so I got no help, there. I called another Chicago organization, but that just netted me an answering machine message asking for a donation, so that did not help, either.

The fawn was gone the next day, thus relieving me of my questions. But I keep wondering-Where had it, and maybe its mother, now gone?

We have so violated the habitat of the deer that their natural reproduction is on overload. Where are they to go? Where is any wildlife to go but into residential areas? So, I would expect that if I can have a fawn on Herrick Road, wildlife will be standard in residential areas from now on.

The big buzz

And, what about the proposed new Starbucks going into the property occupied by the Sara Lee discount bakery on Harlem Avenue? One has to figure that this will be a most successful venture, since it will have a drive thru.

Having seen a Starbucks drive-thru operation when visiting my son and daughter in law in Washington state early this year, I can attest to its popularity, there. I can only imagine how popular it will be here.

But, was not Sara Lee the second most revenue generating store for the Village of Riverside, which has but few revenue generating businesses left? Will Starbucks equal what Sara Lee brought to the village in terms of money?

And, why is Sara Lee leaving in the first place? I have just got to know, because the bakery was swell, the frozen foods delicious, the prices right. I had read that it was one of the most popular Sara Lee operations in Chicagoland. So, why is Sara Lee leaving?

Going to the dogs

Speaking of successful ventures, I hear that the Swan Pond dog park is going great guns with about 40 bowsers this past Sunday. It is a place to meet and greet-not only for the pooches but for their humans as well.

Interestingly enough, the gals who bring their dogs there outnumber the guys. I guess gals either have more dogs than the guys or the gals have been assigned the work detail of providing sociability for the canines.

It sounds as though it is great fun, and I intend to bring my three girls, the two scotties and the beagle, there to check it out-that is, if I can keep three dogs under control at one time!

I heard that the sizes were everything from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua with all sizes in between. Some of the dogs decided upon a swim in the river, too. That concerns me a bit, because there is an undertow at the river’s bend which could be dangerous. But for now, at least, they did the swim.

Some of the humans brought toys, dog bowls to eat and drink from and other items to make their dogs’ outing fun. The Van Curas, who told me about their venture there, told me that their post-Katrina-rescued cocker spaniel just had a ball there.

On the mend

Kudos to the MacNeal Memorial Hospital ER who were kind enough to sew me back together after my computer wires lassoed my feet last week, causing me to fall on my knees, splitting one of them open. What a great bunch of people to do what they do in the middle of the night for so many people. And, the 10 stitches they put into the knee were almost painless.

And speaking of MacNeal, get wells to former Riverside Trustee Kay Snyder, who is hospitalized with a blood clot. Hopefully, by the time of this writing, she is back home and on the mend.

And to those who want to talk to me about just anything, I now have a little radio show on WJJG out of Berkeley, 1350-AM, on Tuesdays from 4 to 5 p.m. I have guests on regarding just about everything and encourage calls in so as to mix it up, get the public engaged.