I am not especially fond of going to weddings. For one thing, many people invite me to weddings whom I really do not know very well due to the comings and goings of a political career.

And then, there are the weddings where one sees big amplifiers at the reception, so one knows that one is going to be blasted out of the room by rock music. I am quick to leave before the music starts.

But, I have now gone to three weddings that really deserve some notice, because they were not dull, they were fun. They were certainly not ordinary.

The first was my friend Catherine “Cathy” Maciejewski to Anthony Dean, her ballroom dancing partner of some eight years. Before “Dancing with the Stars” was popular, Cathy and Tony were competing all over, and were a beautiful sight to behold on the dance floor, especially by someone who has two left feet.

The wedding was formal. Yes, it was long gowns and tuxes for guests-a first for me. Butterflies were let loose outdoors in a lovely ceremony. The reception featured a small orchestra. Yes, real live musicians playing swing music and no hard, screaming rock. One could talk to others at the table, no less.

We had much more entertainment than the usual clinking of glasses and resultant kisses. Other competitive dance couples performed their routines, as did the new Mr. and Mrs. Dean, replete with flowing gown and formality. Ballroom dancing followed. It was just plain wonderful.

The next was most intriguing as Betty Fong, the daughter of Susie and Albert Fong of Chef Shangri-La in North Riverside was getting married. Although she married a young man of Polish/German extraction, the reception was held at a Chinese restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown.

I lost count of the courses of wonderful Chinese food. And, it is not very often one gets to see two Chinese dragons held up and brought alive by young people underneath the intricate costume, bringing good luck to the newly wedded pair. It was just a joy to be a part of it all.

The third wedding featured Amanda, daughter of former Riverside Township Supervisor Patricia Pavlich. Since Halloween was approaching, the wedding invitation urged that guests to the reception wear costumes.

I, for one, being an old fogey, came dressed for a wedding, but almost everyone else came in wonderful costumes. The groom, Neil, came as Dracula, while Amanda had two bite marks on her neck as any Halloween bride should have, I guess.

We got candy apples as favors, and there was dry ice misting throughout, helping create whatever eerie background one could at the Countryside Holiday Inn.

And I thought I was being daring by having a chocolate wedding cake at my wedding.

Before I sign off, get wells to North Riverside Administrator Guy Belmonte who is convalescing after getting a new knee. He is one super guy!