I am suffering from post-Christmas depression. Now we have all the non-descript months ahead with no great holidays to speak of. 

We can look forward to watching the presidential contenders flail away at one another in both parties, a scrunched-up primary election in many states on Feb. 5 and Valentine’s Day.

My first depressing thought is that I cannot find fruitcake anywhere. I watch that commercial on TV where the couple keeps trying to unload a fruitcake on everyone they know only to have it come back to them repeatedly.

One reads, consistently, how everyone hates fruitcake, especially as a Christmas present. Well, I love the stuff.

I would buy bricks of it from Seguin Services, which has among the best out there. Sadly, it comes in such small quantities.

I searched the food stores, thinking they might be on fruitcake overload and that they would have to sell at a discount just to move the stuff. Sadly, no. If anything, it hit the dumpster before I could get at it.

And so, I am trying to make up my fruitcake shortfall by buying my next most favorite bakery, Girl Scout cookies. The cookie drive is on at $4 a box. Everyone needs to help out the scouts, and I am already committed to many boxes.

 My next depressing thought was everything involving Christmas cards. I swear that I am going to stop sending them, as they are nothing but a hassle and get costlier by the year as the post office ups its charges for them.

I must admit that it is fun reading everyone’s notes and newsletters, but it is not a pleasant task to undertake. Next year I think I will just donate potential Christmas card expenditures to charity.

And speaking of charities, which company sold my name to everyone’s list? My gosh, but the entreaties for donations came in by the ton. Having donated to humane societies in the past, I was now inundated by animal non-profits–everything from tigers to old burros.

Having donated to historical places, well, every other historic site was now on my tail. The same goes for social service organizations. I think every disease in the world has a charitable arm. I now have my influx of return address labels courtesy of all of these solicitations,

And finally, gifts. A word to the wise and the future thoughtful: Don’t buy gifts from stores which are not convenient in case an exchange is necessary. It takes a lot of time and gas to get to these far and away locations.

I am sure that others had even more hectic experiences, such as the poor folks who tried to fly elsewhere to visit friends and relatives. With all the flight cancellations and other airport indignities, I am sure that there were holiday miseries to great to report.

But kudos to Midway Airport. Unlike its big brother, O’Hare, which is always shut down for something, Midway keeps plugging along.

Just think … only 12 more months until Christmas. I just can’t wait.