I am distraught over state politics, which is why I am encouraging all of you to vote to create a constitutional convention come this November.

The law says that every 20 years we, the overwrought electorate, gets a shot at a referendum requesting a constitutional convention to convene.

In the past, it has been voted down because just about every entrenched interest does not want it to happen due to the little sacred cows each has hidden away or approved by the constitutional currently in play. After all, those sacred cows might go to slaughter if the public got into the constitutional convention mode.

Yes, it will be expensive, and, no, it won’t come quickly or easily. The last time we had such a constitutional convention was in 1976. After that, opposition always managed to vote it down: Democrats and Republicans, management and labor, special interests all.

And so, we have no right of referendum or recall, we cannot really make too many improvements or changes in education or pension funding and a host of other things which need reevaluation.

Some pretty important and clout-heavy people will oppose it, but the power of the people can prevail if everyone goes to the polls and advocates for the constitutional convention.

It can be argued that all of the extremists and zealots will be energized by the thought that they can get their issues into constitutional form. But, like all things, it will take voting majorities to make such things law, and the better the delegates to the constitutional convention, the better the final result will be.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, to paraphrase, we all need a little revolution from time to time. It is time. One cannot help but be frustrated by the paralysis in the state legislature, where personal egos trump the public good and nothing gets done.

A constitutional convention could also add a provision for recall within county government. The Cook County Board’s leadership is so inept and out of control, it is not much different from some of the juntas in Third World nations. We are all being held hostage to the costly game plans of the Cook County president and his lackeys.

There were bills to establish recall amendments to the state constitution, but senate leaders made sure that there would not be enough votes to carry the issue. Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn lobbies for the message but it falls upon deaf ears. The public is prevented from voting on the issue. So, our only alternative is to call for a constitutional convention.

The fact that Senate President Emil Jones has the audacity to ask for a pay increase when both he and his wife are on the public payroll and make good money is beyond insult.

Nothing of importance now gets done in the legislature, which drones on and on and on. The Cook County Board specializes in jobs for family and friends, and for this we are paying more.

So, tell your family and friends, it is time to take our government back so that our voices can be heard.

A constitutional convention is the way to go.

Judy Baar Topinka is a former state legislator, state treasurer and Republican candidate for governor. She is also Riverside Township’s GOP committeeman.