This weekend marks the grand opening of a new restaurant in Brookfield’s Hollywood section. Appropriately named The Station, it stands across from the Hollywood Metra stop at 8420 Brookfield Ave., the former site of The Paw/Cyberdog Café.

While, the new eatery quietly opened its doors a couple of weeks ago, its official grand opening is Saturday.

Partners Yvonne Nelson and Vince Gonzales both have extensive backgrounds in food service and met while both were working at Benny’s Pizza in Berwyn. The pair definitely has a rapport with one another and tries to establish a similar rapport with their customers.

“We try to introduce ourselves to people,” Gonzales said.

“I try to get to know people and give them a menu that they want,” Nelson said.

Nelson described the offerings as “home-cooked comfort food,” adding that homemade pizza is a particular specialty of the restaurant. Other items include such staples as meat loaf, sauerkraut, four-cheese lasagna and sirloin tip roast served with homemade mashed potatoes.

Nelson said she served homemade pierogies as an appetizer one day, and it became “a surprise big hit” among high school and college students. Homemade soups are offered every day, some from old family recipes.

Gonzales said his experience in the restaurant business goes back to his first jobs working at hot dog and beef stands at age 13. By age 17, he was working at Benny’s Pizza, where he worked full time for eight years.

He met Nelson there, and both were offered an opportunity to work together at Broadview Bowl, where Nelson ran the kitchen and catering service. The Brookfield property provided an opportunity for them to go into business together.

The atmosphere is like a vintage diner, with an alternating checkered tile floor and photos of movie stars on the walls. The proprietors themselves add a little color to the proceedings.

“We get along very well,” Nelson joked, “just not with each other.”

Nelson said the diner already has some regulars who keep coming back, and is starting to establish a customer base through word of mouth in the Hollywood neighborhood.

“We’ve tried to make it warm, inviting and friendly,” Gonzales said.

Standing on the former site of The Paw/Cyberdog Café, Riverside-Brookfield High School’s experimental food service operation, the new place remains “kid and family friendly.”

The Station will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and includes a lounge and bar area in a separate room with its own entrance off Hollywood Avenue, which will remain open until 11 p.m., with limited food service available.

The lounge has a mellower visual design, with black sheer curtains in the outer windows, ceiling fans, and album covers including Harry Belafonte, Louis Prima and Keely Smith displayed on the wall near a digital jukebox.

“It’s not a sports bar,” Gonzales said. “It’s laid back.”

Nelson adds, “we tried to make it a place where people can come and relax.”