Same old faces, new name

In response to Ms. Stevanovich’s letter (“Take off the rose-colored glasses,” Letters July 15), I would like to extend a big thank you to her. After getting through 10 paragraphs of the usual bashing, manipulation of numbers, hot button issues grossly misstated, crystal ball predictions and personal attacks, I finally was able to get an answer to my original question in my letter to the editor on July 1. That being, “Who is responsible for the opinion paper that is misleadingly named Brookfield First newsletter?”

Ms. Stevanovich states that this mystery letter is being put out by “concerned citizens and members of the VIP Party.” I have personally talked to many concerned citizens who have no idea who is behind this.

Is this an exclusive club with nothing more than a mystery e-mail address attached asking for responses either negative or positive? I responded to this e-mail address and received no reply.

Brookfield residents may now be able to consider the source and take this for what it is worth and for what it really is – early campaigning. Ms. Stevanovich states that this group “realizes that the public is not aware of what’s going on.” This statement is offensive at best, arrogant and egotistical at worst, but either way, totally expected from the same players in a new game. Do these people really think they are the educators and conscience of Brookfield voters? Yikes.

Here’s another crystal ball prediction, since that seems to be the order of the day: Brookfield First will emerge as a new political party, repackaged and renamed, but with the same players trying to accomplish the same things that failed under the flag of the VIP Party.

Evidently Ms. Stevanovich will be playing a key role in this group, as she is the only one who stood up to be counted in conjunction with this newsletter that was sent out. For that I give her much credit and respect.

Differing opinions is what it is all about, but it is hard to have a debate when no one wants ownership of the stated opinions. Thank you for stepping up. I am thankful for your continued civic involvement and your genuine concern for Brookfield and its future.

Fortunately and contrary to Ms. Stevanovich’s stated opinion, the people who vote in Brookfield do not do so with rose-colored glasses. They do so with crystal-clear vision of what they want and who they want doing it, as demonstrated in the last election.

I am sure the “concerned citizens and VIP Party members” who are engaged in this newly formed campaign would rather have us wearing blinders, not rose-colored glasses. But neither will happen, as our eyes are wide open and are memories are intact as well.

The voters of Brookfield deserve to be treated with respect, not looked down upon as uneducated and ignorant of the facts at hand. To position Brookfield First as anything more than a group of defeated politicians trying to get back in the game is transparent. Give us voters just a little credit for being able to discern the truth and see through the sophomoric political agendas at hand.

Dennis Meehan

Flier shows what’s wrong in Brookfield

I, too, received a newsletter from Brookfield First (“Take me off the mailing list,” Letters, July 1) and found that it was a very nice reminder of what is wrong with the current village board and village manager.

Obviously, Mr. Meehan, you are at ease with the fact-based information that was contained in the Brookfield First flier that was left at your home. While it is easy to say the election is over, the fight for justice and what is right continues via concerned citizens who are still waiting for answers.

The Brookfield audit was discussed in March only when asked about it in a village board meeting by a citizen attending; it was promised in mid-May. It is now July and we have yet to see this document. Why?

Where was Mr. Meehan’s indignation and criticism when the unsigned, crude Brookfield Monitor was being shoved in every Brookfield door? He has consequently revealed his political affiliation through his hypocrisy, a trademark of the PEP Party.

I believe we need to be vigilant in our call to those in office so that they do not repeat the same errors of the past, show us guidelines are in place to avoid future errors and provide open and transparent government.

Al Jurkutat

Residents invited to town hall meetings

With all the confusion and uncertainty over a number of issues being dealt with in Springfield, many local residents are calling my office looking for answers. This year’s budget impasse and the historic capital construction plan seem to be on the minds of many constituents in my district.

The issues we dealt with during this spring’s legislative session were tough, but I am committed to solving these problems to make Illinois a better place to live and work.

Because of the heightened interest in state government this year, I want to take the opportunity to discuss legislative developments with my constituents and hear their thoughts on the many issues facing us by holding my first town hall meeting on Aug. 4 in LaGrange at 1 p.m. at Aging Care Connections, 111 W. Harris Ave.

Later that evening, at 7 p.m., I will hold another town hall meeting in Riverside at the Riverside Township Hall, located at 27 Riverside Road.

I want to take what I learn from listening to concerned citizens at these meetings back with me to Springfield. These meetings are open to the public, so I encourage anyone interested in state government to attend.

If you would like further information or to RSVP, please contact my constituent service office at 708-354-2121.

Michael J. Zalewski
State representative, 21st District

Ed. Note: The 21st District includes Brookfield, excluding the Hollywood section, and Riverside east of Desplaines Avenue and south of 31st Street.

Thanks from Friends of the Fourth

The members of the Friends of the Fourth steering committee would like to thank and salute the people of Riverside for their generosity and support of the July 3 and 4 celebration in Riverside.

It was truly a celebration of our nation’s birthday and the spirit of community that exists, as we undertook to continue Riverside’s traditional commemoration of the holiday.

We thank also the village board, staff, police department, fire department, public works, and especially the recreation department for their support.

The effort could not have been achieved without so many giving of their time and talent as well as financial support. People of Riverside, we thank you and hope you enjoyed your party. Let’s do it again next year.

JoAnne Kosey, Joe Ballerine, Andy Daun, Danny Jisa, Rey Navarro and Ben Sells
Friends of the Fourth Steering Committee

Thanks for great music fest

Thank you to all who attended our 3rd Annual Brookfield Music Fest for making it another tremendous success. Once again, Brookfield was alive with fest-goers from all over who had a great time and a fun and safe evening.

Your enthusiasm and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to our sponsors, Burke Beverage, Suburban Life and the Landmark.

Be sure to circle the date for our Oktoberfest on Sept. 26: Twelve bars. Twelve bands. Free trolleys. German beers. Brats and sauerkraut.

See you there!

Linda Kampschroeder
Brookfield Bar Owners Association

Don’t miss skin cancer screening

August is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer? More than 1 million skin cancers are diagnosed annually, and each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.

With as many as one in five Americans developing skin cancer in the course of a lifetime – education, prevention, and screening are key. You are invited to a free skin cancer screening event on Aug. 5 from 9 a.m. until noon at the North Riverside Village Commons, 2401 S. Desplaines Ave. In addition to a presentation on skin cancer prevention, dermatologists will provide private skin cancer screenings.

Appointments are required for private screenings; please call Carmen Carrizales at 708-484-8542 by July 31st to schedule one. This event is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the Riverside Township Lions Club.

Bill Scanlon
Robin Snyder Mooney
Riverside Township Lions Club