The way I look at it, there are three kinds of people in the world: those who are always camera ready, those who have their cameras with them, but neglect to use them and those who completely forget to bring the camera altogether.

I fit in to the last two categories. It came to me when halfway to Tinley Park (cousin Karen’s house) for a family reunion on the Pierini side of the family (my mom’s); I neglected to bring the camera, which I had so carefully put next to my purse so as not to forget it.

I soothed myself with the thought that someone would be prepared, and I was right. There were enough photos taken to fill an album. Although, why people like to go “click” when you have food in your mouth or in your hand beats me. I was not surprised that cousin Josephine was armed with not only a little camera but a little video camera as well.

I was not surprised, because her father (Uncle Joe, another Joe!) seemed to chronicle every time we were all together with pictures or a video camera. At least we do have some good pictures of when we were all young, cute and cool.

Josephine was busy aiming and shooting at babies, all of which happened to be her grandchildren.

Which brings me to another point: If you are fortunate to be a family that gets together more often than just weddings and funerals, you are probably more familiar with the people who are going to be in the pictures.

For those of us who get together maybe twice a year, it is harder to remember who married who and which child belongs to whom, so large name tags would have been good. That way we would know who is in the pictures.

Write the names on the pictures? Come on, you know how many of us don’t do that. We also don’t put the date on the photos, leaving us wondering years later when we decide to take the pictures out of the box and put them in an album.

Well, I’m never going to be unprepared again. I am going to put my cute little camera in my purse, because I never know when I am going to want to preserve something for posterity. Who knows? It could be you.

So smile, you could be on Kosey Camera! (Hope the battery is charged.)