One program District 103 did cut for the 2009-10 school year was the gifted education program at George Washington Middle School. Initially, the plan had been to cut the THINK program entirely at the middle school while retaining it at the district’s five elementary schools.

District 103 serves children in Lyons, Stickney, McCook, Forest View and the southeast quarter of Brookfield.

However, the THINK program will survive at the middle school in 2009-10, albeit in a much altered form. Instead of being an elective, the THINK program will be held for two hours on Saturday mornings during the school year.

The district has posted a job listing for the program.

“As soon as we finalize hiring someone, we’ll work to develop the curriculum,” said Superintendent Michael Warner.

Security upgrade
at Lincoln School

The main vestibule at Lincoln School in Brookfield was spruced up a bit this summer, receiving some $60,000 in improvements that also address building security.

In addition to a new ceiling, lighting, floor tiles and paint, last week a crew began constructing a security vestibule. When parents walk in the entrance they can be helped at a transaction window. If they need access to the school building, they can be buzzed in from the office.

Previously, the lobby was a pretty open affair. “If you got through the first set of doors, you had access to the whole school,” said Superintendent Michael Warner.

Lincoln, which is the largest elementary school in District 103, is the last school in the district to receive that security feature.