Nothing can be more fun than a group of “girls” getting together for a late afternoon of socializing and for this group – all clients of PeopleCare, which assists, supports and provides social opportunities for the homebound elderly – it was all that and more. Held at the Faith Lutheran Church in Brookfield and arranged by Marty Kenahan and her “elves” (all staff members and volunteers of the organization) was a planned afternoon of socializing and getting into the holiday spirit.

The girls were treated to a soup supper followed by cookies, all the ingredients for a good get-together. The spirit and pace of the afternoon livened up with the arrival of the other girls, namely, the Girl Scouts from Central School and their leader, Cathy Louthen.

What took place next was quite heart-warming. Each of the Girl Scouts paired with one of the older women, introducing themselves and got ready to make holiday baskets.

Christopher of Christopher Mark Flowers and Gifts in Brookfield came with a sleighful of holiday greens, fresh flowers and small baskets for each guest to design her own centerpiece to take home. He explained there is no wrong way to make the arrangements, just how you would like to put it together.

Santa would be proud of the Girl Scout elves as they brought the items for their arrangements to their partners and offered their own bits of creativity. Each basket was different and each was equally lovely.

Reverend Gabi Aelabouni, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, mingled with the group and expressed how honored he felt that PeopleCare had chosen his church to have the gathering. He referenced the church’s mission statement stating that we are all disciples in our community and world. What better way than to welcome all to share with each other?

The afternoon ended with each guest bringing home not only their baskets but a plate of cookies. Even more than that, they took home memories of an afternoon spent with another generation and sharing conversation and fun.

Elves come in all sizes at holiday time and for an afternoon for the “girls” it was the elves wearing the green of Girl Scouts.

The social gathering was the second of its type sponsored by PeopleCare this year and they are anticipating holding a similar event in 2010. I would not be surprised that the Girl Scouts will be among the first to volunteer to meet with their new girl friends again.